Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sao Nam @ Tengkat Tung Shin, KL

Located in the heart of Bukit Bintang area, Sao Nam is a place for fine Vietnamese cuisine. It is located behind Jalan Alor... on the same row as the famous Meng Kee Char Siew. Jenn & I never notice this place even though we had been passing by a lot of times before. This particular road has a lot of guest houses and restaurants, making it hard to find parking most of the times.

Along the road of Tengkat Tung Shin...

They placed a menu outside... ever noticed that this place was awarded with Malaysian Tatler's Best Restaurant from 2005 to 2008??

A glance from the outside revealed nothing special...

But please... pass through this door to know what's inside!

It is a very nice place to dine - cosy and contemporary settings. The whole place was dimly lighted and air conditioned, creating a romantic feeling even in the afternoon.

The bar with a lot of liquors...

Lunch sets were offered at RM18++, but since we had taken our lunch earlier, we only wanted to have drinks and desserts.

The menu... you can find typical Vietnamese food and drinks here, including their famous coffee.. plus cocktails, imported beers, wines and liquors.

Jenn asked for their Caramel Custard (banh flan) @ RM8++ - a sily smooth-textured egg custard with Vietnamese coffee and caramelized sugar. It was bitter on the first bite and pleasantly sweet on the next... thumbs up!!!

I had the famous Belgium's Hoegaarden White Beer @ RM18++ - cool!

Leo's verdict - the prices are on the high side as I mentioned before, FINE VIETNAMESE CUISINE!!!! But if you are feeling romantic and don't mind driving all the way to KL, risking yourself stuck in the traffic jam... do come for the experience. I will definitely come back for either lunch or dinner soon (^_^)

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