Thursday, January 8, 2009

Plus One Shabu Shabu @ Rainforest 1-Utama Shopping Centre

Jenn was in the mood for steamboat... or should I say shabu shabu??? Since we had seen this place when we dined at Bar B Q Plaza the other day, it naturally came to our mind. Plus, we want to try out Hong Kong style steamboat and see the difference compared to Malaysian or Japanese style.

It seems that there is a celebrity endorsing this restaurant... but I couldn't recognise her.

The setting was simple with a lot of pendant lights and posters of their food.

There were quite a lot of patrons during dinner time...

I like their menu which was thick cover and with high quality paper.

To my delight, it was totally different from Shabu Shabu that I had in Puchong. They offered a lot of types of soup to choose from the menu. We settled for their signature pork bone with corn broth to go with the pork loin set that we ordered.
Our choice of soup

They have a counter specifically for sauces... lots of them!!!

I took 6 types - Hawaii, taiwanese satay, tom yam, black pepper, see chuan & teo chew soya.

The soup was very delicious and aromatic... and the meats and other accompanying dishes were fresh too!

Leo's verdict - There are other types of soups available - see chuan hot & spicy broth; chinese herb broth & shark fin broth just to name a few :) Of course, apart from the dish that we ordered, other sets and side dishes are also available depending on your appetite.
Their drinks such as iced lemon tea and water crest+honey go by the jug...
Shabu shabu lovers... please make some time to try out this place OK??? You won't regret it...

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