Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Park Village @ Damansara Utama PJ

Actually I had been told about this place a few years ago when I was still working with Thule. The bicycle shop (Joo Ngan's Son) next door, Edwin, had told me that Park Village's food was very good but I never stepped into that place. But one thing that I noticed at that time was the huge crowd of people going in and out. Until Jenn came here first... and then brought me here.

Having breakfast here on weekends can be frustrating... especially when you have to compete with other patrons for seats.

Tents were set up outside during weekends only to accommodate customers.

But it's worth the wait... as the food was made fresh from the kitchen. Look at that!

Not forget to mention the kuih-muih as well

A dedicated spot just for the spiced fried chicken... which was always not enough
One worker chopping the fried chicken

The newly fried chicken waiting to be replenished...

Prices of the list of food were shown...

Long queue just to wait for your turn to order

Equally long queue for you to pay the bill once you are finished :)

The lady boss was occupied all the time just to collect money...

Nasi lemak + ayam goreng - sambal was great! Chicken was still hot and great to go with the rice...

Nasi dagang - my all time favourite dish whenever I came here. Normally I had this in Kuantan & couldn't find any other place that whipped out this particular dish as good.. that is, until I found this place. I always had additional "kuah" to go with the rice and fish meat... acar was also given!

Half boiled eggs + roti bakar - just as nice! the roti was crispy and the eggs were nicely done

Teh Tarik - not too sweet, just perfect for me!

Leo's verdict - by far the best place to have nasi lemak, nasi dagang and teh tarik in PJ area. This restaurant had been featured in newspapers and magazines as well. If you are planning to come here for breakfast, please do so before 9am... or else be prepared to queue for a long time just to order, and also to find yourself a table.


qwazymonkey said...

I work around this area and it's one of my usual makan joint. I reckoned the fried chicken's got ganja in it. Can't stop eating it.

Anyway, the shop's actually called 'village park' instead of the other way around. LOL.

Julian Si said...

Nice to stumble onto your blog!

This place is good, espesh the Nasi Dagang.

On the first photo you posted, the lady boss' hubby is actually in the top-left of the photo. A truly successful couple in restauranting :-)

ps - My fave nasi lemak ... Tanjung Malim! Featured on my blog this week :-)

AhLulu said...

Always pass by this area and noticed the huge crowd of ppl.... The rice is fragrant and chicken is crispy and tender...

thenomadGourmand said...

i agree! good NL!
but i wan t otry the nasi dagang nx! heard so much abt it!