Monday, January 5, 2009

Benta K3K Kopitiam @ SS15 Subang Jaya

The first time I saw this Kopitiam, I thought to myself "Wow... a Kopitiam from Pahang small town. I wonder if I know the boss?" So when Jenn & I finally stepped into the place one day, it turned out that Jenn knew the boss... as he was from the same hometown. It certainly felt great to see someone we know :)

It seems that this place had been reviewed on air before...

Stepping into the kopitiam sort of like going back down memory lane... the whole place was designed in such a way that it looks like you have stepped into 1950s era.

You can see a few traditional items that the Chinese used in the past.

They offer special daily selected main course that comes with free drinks too... but only available during weekdays from 12pm-2pm
They also sell kaya made using own recipe...

A glass of their signature 'Kwai Sam' cham is a must everytime I came here... full of taste!

Not to forget "Kwai Sam" tea... it's milky and smooth.

Since we were not that hungry at that time, we settled for snacks. I placed my order for one of my favourite meals - Roti Jala with Curry Chicken. They are so-called roti jala due to its shape that is similar to net. The curry was thick and very aromatic to dip the roti jala with...

Jenn gave their new Pocket bread a try... it was filled with chicken cubes that was deep fried and then marinated with buttermilk. I think that was a fresh concept for a kopitiam, and it tasted good too.
Toast Soft Bun - the bun was hot from oven & quite crunchy, with kaya... nice!
K3K Milky noodle - another new product offered, as it was not in the menu the last time I came. The buttermilk was not thick and the whole dish was decent. The mee was quite soft... must had been over-cooked.
K3K Special Toast Bun - kaya inside; peanuts and chocolate syrup on the outside. Bun was big and crispy... a must try!
Giant curry puff - almost 8 inch long!!! The biggest I'd seen so far in my life... with chicken meat and potato inside... we couldn't finish it! lol...

Leo's verdict - They have other branches in Damansara Perdana and Klang. Normally Jenn & I would go to their Subang outlet whenever we have chores to do in this area.


Nath said...

Hahaha, had fun in my mom shop :)

LOL ..

that karipap taste exactly like my moms ..

shud have tried out their cincau milk .. and also do check out for new menu .. which is coming out soon !! :D

btw if you dont noe, student has a 20% discount card :)

thenomadGourmand said...

i'm looking everywhr for good kaya, theirs ok ahh? (i like mine thick & fragratn wth lots of eggs aroma one...)