Wednesday, January 21, 2009

BiBiChik @ SS2/30 PJ

Nyonya food has never come across my mind before whenever I eat. But one evening, Jenn & I were feeling adventurous again and so we drove around SS2 area. The result?? We found this place... we knew the food must be good judging from the crowd inside.

Luckily for us, we found a table as soon as we walked inside the establishment, right in front of a live music performer.

They have quite a lot of newspaper cutting

Ho Chak! had been here before... I must have missed the show that time.

The singer name is Roy Chew and he only performed every Saturday and Sunday from 7.30pm to 10pm.

I noticed that there was a big traditional Chinese fan on the wall.

The lady boss sang a few songs accompanied by Roy's guitar skill...

We ordered their famous dishes of course, according to the menu

Honey Sotong @ RM15 - sotong tentacles fried with honey and batter. This dish was superb and went on very well with the rice... the presence of sesame enhance the aroma of this dish.

Paku pakis @ RM8 - fried with sambal belacan. You don't find this type of veggie easily anywhere... don't worry, it was not very spicy (just nice)

Bibichik chicken - marinated with their special sweet sauce and then stir fried.

Leo's verdict - It was a waste that I didn't find this place sooner. The whole atmosphere was great with live peformance. This was a special night because there was a blind gentleman who requested to perform live and BOY, he was very good with his guitar! He whipped out several evergreen Cantonese, Mandarin and English songs to my amazement. Songs from Elvis Presley, Teresa Teng, Sam Hui were sung... and everyone there sang along! I'm sure that if my parents were here, they would be delighted to hear those evergreen oldies, some as old as before I was born.

Everyone applaused everytime he finished his songs
Since Jenn & I wanted to stay longer, we ordered cendol as dessert - not too sweet but not too great either.


qwazymonkey said...

This is actually one of the few Peranakan restaurant that I actually like. It's very home-cooked Melakan Nyonya style. But sometimes the portion can be small.

I've not been back there for a while now. Maybe it's about time to go back for a visit.

Oh yeah, there's a place just around the corner from this store that serves really good Sambal fried rice since I noticed Jen likes spicy food. Just walk to the end of the row. Just couple shops away.

GOng Xi Fa Cai

thule a.k.a leo said...

Thanks mate... will do!