Wednesday, January 21, 2009

BiBiChik @ SS2/30 PJ

Nyonya food has never come across my mind before whenever I eat. But one evening, Jenn & I were feeling adventurous again and so we drove around SS2 area. The result?? We found this place... we knew the food must be good judging from the crowd inside.

Luckily for us, we found a table as soon as we walked inside the establishment, right in front of a live music performer.

They have quite a lot of newspaper cutting

Ho Chak! had been here before... I must have missed the show that time.

The singer name is Roy Chew and he only performed every Saturday and Sunday from 7.30pm to 10pm.

I noticed that there was a big traditional Chinese fan on the wall.

The lady boss sang a few songs accompanied by Roy's guitar skill...

We ordered their famous dishes of course, according to the menu

Honey Sotong @ RM15 - sotong tentacles fried with honey and batter. This dish was superb and went on very well with the rice... the presence of sesame enhance the aroma of this dish.

Paku pakis @ RM8 - fried with sambal belacan. You don't find this type of veggie easily anywhere... don't worry, it was not very spicy (just nice)

Bibichik chicken - marinated with their special sweet sauce and then stir fried.

Leo's verdict - It was a waste that I didn't find this place sooner. The whole atmosphere was great with live peformance. This was a special night because there was a blind gentleman who requested to perform live and BOY, he was very good with his guitar! He whipped out several evergreen Cantonese, Mandarin and English songs to my amazement. Songs from Elvis Presley, Teresa Teng, Sam Hui were sung... and everyone there sang along! I'm sure that if my parents were here, they would be delighted to hear those evergreen oldies, some as old as before I was born.

Everyone applaused everytime he finished his songs
Since Jenn & I wanted to stay longer, we ordered cendol as dessert - not too sweet but not too great either.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Chilly Pan Mee @ Kota Damansara

Jenn and I used to come to this area a lot last time. But we stopped for a while... and today, we came here again in search for dinner. Upon exploring this area, we noticed this particular restaurant which was quite packed with customers. We parked our car and walked in...

The menu was rather simple with not many options available, which is good as I don't have to crack my head browsing through the menu and decide on what to eat.

Jenn placed her order for dried pan mee - without even trying the chilly, she poured a big spoon of dried chilly flake into her mee... and it was very spicy.

Pan Mee Soup - the traditional version for me... they gave generous amount of minced meat, anchovies, potato leaves and mushrooms. However, it tasted rather plain and not as good compared to Lim Kee.

Leo's verdict - another restaurant in this booming area, which will be packed with commercial activities in the near future. But then, it's not as good as what I'd tried in face-to-face or lim kee pan mee.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Logenhaus @ Taipan USJ 10

I think that I had blogged about this place before in facebook quite a long time ago but since I had different dishes this time, I have decided to write again.

It was lunch time and for those who are familar with Taipan area, it is very hard to find a parking space here. Initially I planned to go to Meaty House for my favourite German Pork Knuckle but for some reason, it was closed (I'd been here twice and disappointed).

So Jenn & I crossed the road from the parking to this restaurant... where their lunch set menu was quite affordable and attractive.

A lot of timbers used in this restaurant
Seafood soup - soup of the day

Jenn ordered Charboiled Salmon Au Natural @ RM18.99++ - as the dish was only prepared as we order, it was still hot and therefore, NICE!!! The pan fried potato was especially good...

I went for Sizzling German Chicken Meatloaf @ RM15.99++ - boneless chicken meat with wedges and vegetable salad... still piping hot when it was served!

Leo's verdict - Set lunch is always the best strategy to attract lunch crowd, especially in this busy commercial area. The set lunch came with complimentary Soup of the Day (seafood soup), which was great as there were quite a lof of scallop and clam bits in it. We were served with a choice of coffee/tea after that.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sao Nam @ Tengkat Tung Shin, KL

Located in the heart of Bukit Bintang area, Sao Nam is a place for fine Vietnamese cuisine. It is located behind Jalan Alor... on the same row as the famous Meng Kee Char Siew. Jenn & I never notice this place even though we had been passing by a lot of times before. This particular road has a lot of guest houses and restaurants, making it hard to find parking most of the times.

Along the road of Tengkat Tung Shin...

They placed a menu outside... ever noticed that this place was awarded with Malaysian Tatler's Best Restaurant from 2005 to 2008??

A glance from the outside revealed nothing special...

But please... pass through this door to know what's inside!

It is a very nice place to dine - cosy and contemporary settings. The whole place was dimly lighted and air conditioned, creating a romantic feeling even in the afternoon.

The bar with a lot of liquors...

Lunch sets were offered at RM18++, but since we had taken our lunch earlier, we only wanted to have drinks and desserts.

The menu... you can find typical Vietnamese food and drinks here, including their famous coffee.. plus cocktails, imported beers, wines and liquors.

Jenn asked for their Caramel Custard (banh flan) @ RM8++ - a sily smooth-textured egg custard with Vietnamese coffee and caramelized sugar. It was bitter on the first bite and pleasantly sweet on the next... thumbs up!!!

I had the famous Belgium's Hoegaarden White Beer @ RM18++ - cool!

Leo's verdict - the prices are on the high side as I mentioned before, FINE VIETNAMESE CUISINE!!!! But if you are feeling romantic and don't mind driving all the way to KL, risking yourself stuck in the traffic jam... do come for the experience. I will definitely come back for either lunch or dinner soon (^_^)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Mama Kitchen Restaurant @ Jalan Datuk Sulaiman, Taman Tun Dr Ismail

It was lunch time but Jenn & I were still not feeling hungry due to the late breakfast earlier, so we headed to TTDI to look for place to eat.. as this area was on our way home. It can be pretty packed during lunch and dinner time.

For those who do not know, this restaurant is actually opened by the daughter of the famous Seng Kee in Petaling Street, which is very famous for its claypot lou see fun. Rather than having to go all the way down to KL, I can eat it here nearby my house. Noticed the words?

Of course, the lou see fun couldn't be missed... and it looked tempting when it was served with a raw egg above the minced meat and lou see fun. It was meant for you to stir yourself.

Like this...

We also had a plate of stir fried veggie with garlic...

Leo's verdict - they offer other food from the wok, apart from their famous lou see fun. I wanted to try their butter prawn but since my stomach could not take too much food, I decided to come back again next time. PJ folks... if you are planning to eat lou see fun, you must try out this place. Save the hassle driving all the way down to Petaling Street to eat.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Food Garden @ The Garden Mid Valley

This blog has been backlogged since Christmas (^_^) but with new addition when Jenn & I went to FoodGarden again for the 2nd time.

Ah!!! The Christmas feel in Mid Valley...

Whenever Jenn & I planned to shop here, we would arrive early in the morning to avoid the traffic jam and also to have breakfast before that. One particular morning before Christmas, we had breakfast at this newly opened food court in The Garden. Surely enough... the proprietor named it "FoodGarden"... lol! It is located on the 3rd floor next to Borders Book Store.

You still can see the flower bouquets outside

The food court was quite big with a lot of stalls selling various types of food - Korean, Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Italian, Western, Mamak, Chicken Rice, desserts, etc...

The drinks section

Penang food... the proprietor can be annoying sometimes... as they tried to push their food everytime people walked pass their stall.

Roti prata with cheese and sausage @ RM3.80 - apart from the cury gravy which I thought was quite strong on the powder, everything was great!

Teh tarik @ RM1.80 - only RM1.20 with any roti purchased (valid during opening promotion which I am sure has ended). It was not too sweet, as the way I like it.

Fried koay teow - It was not too oily and the portion was quite big too. Thumbs up!

Lunch crowd!

Lanna Thai stall... yup! Thai food of course... I noticed a lot of people actually placed their orders here so I decided to give it a try.

Pineapple fried rice @ RM7.50 - a decent fried rice, which was enough for me. However, the chilly sauce was hot and went well with the fried rice. Love it!

Set C - Seafood paprik + tom yam + mango salad + veggie of the day + fruits + plain rice... all in total?? RM9.90 - never assume that they actually give you a lot of the mentioned above. It's only enough for one pax & there was no meat in the tom yam soup. However, the seafood paprik was quite good, as it was not too spicy with strong mint flavour.

Leo's verdict - Moderately priced food and drinks for upmarket place. I was asked by the supervisor not to take any pictures due to the management policy. Oh well, I still managed to take a few pictures before that.
Well, they should have known the power of blogs nowadays. They just don't care much about the free publicity that the bloggers can offer them. I'll bet that if other famour bloggers came and are asked not to do the same, they will lose out on the potential business.