Monday, January 19, 2009

Logenhaus @ Taipan USJ 10

I think that I had blogged about this place before in facebook quite a long time ago but since I had different dishes this time, I have decided to write again.

It was lunch time and for those who are familar with Taipan area, it is very hard to find a parking space here. Initially I planned to go to Meaty House for my favourite German Pork Knuckle but for some reason, it was closed (I'd been here twice and disappointed).

So Jenn & I crossed the road from the parking to this restaurant... where their lunch set menu was quite affordable and attractive.

A lot of timbers used in this restaurant
Seafood soup - soup of the day

Jenn ordered Charboiled Salmon Au Natural @ RM18.99++ - as the dish was only prepared as we order, it was still hot and therefore, NICE!!! The pan fried potato was especially good...

I went for Sizzling German Chicken Meatloaf @ RM15.99++ - boneless chicken meat with wedges and vegetable salad... still piping hot when it was served!

Leo's verdict - Set lunch is always the best strategy to attract lunch crowd, especially in this busy commercial area. The set lunch came with complimentary Soup of the Day (seafood soup), which was great as there were quite a lof of scallop and clam bits in it. We were served with a choice of coffee/tea after that.


Precious Pea said...

Harlow! Thanks for dropping by my blog. Checking yours out now...great blog! Hope to see you more often from now :)

thule a.k.a leo said...

no problem... despite not living in KL, I always look for places to eat every weekend... it's like my 2nd home :)

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