Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Food Garden @ The Garden Mid Valley

This blog has been backlogged since Christmas (^_^) but with new addition when Jenn & I went to FoodGarden again for the 2nd time.

Ah!!! The Christmas feel in Mid Valley...

Whenever Jenn & I planned to shop here, we would arrive early in the morning to avoid the traffic jam and also to have breakfast before that. One particular morning before Christmas, we had breakfast at this newly opened food court in The Garden. Surely enough... the proprietor named it "FoodGarden"... lol! It is located on the 3rd floor next to Borders Book Store.

You still can see the flower bouquets outside

The food court was quite big with a lot of stalls selling various types of food - Korean, Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Italian, Western, Mamak, Chicken Rice, desserts, etc...

The drinks section

Penang food... the proprietor can be annoying sometimes... as they tried to push their food everytime people walked pass their stall.

Roti prata with cheese and sausage @ RM3.80 - apart from the cury gravy which I thought was quite strong on the powder, everything was great!

Teh tarik @ RM1.80 - only RM1.20 with any roti purchased (valid during opening promotion which I am sure has ended). It was not too sweet, as the way I like it.

Fried koay teow - It was not too oily and the portion was quite big too. Thumbs up!

Lunch crowd!

Lanna Thai stall... yup! Thai food of course... I noticed a lot of people actually placed their orders here so I decided to give it a try.

Pineapple fried rice @ RM7.50 - a decent fried rice, which was enough for me. However, the chilly sauce was hot and went well with the fried rice. Love it!

Set C - Seafood paprik + tom yam + mango salad + veggie of the day + fruits + plain rice... all in total?? RM9.90 - never assume that they actually give you a lot of the mentioned above. It's only enough for one pax & there was no meat in the tom yam soup. However, the seafood paprik was quite good, as it was not too spicy with strong mint flavour.

Leo's verdict - Moderately priced food and drinks for upmarket place. I was asked by the supervisor not to take any pictures due to the management policy. Oh well, I still managed to take a few pictures before that.
Well, they should have known the power of blogs nowadays. They just don't care much about the free publicity that the bloggers can offer them. I'll bet that if other famour bloggers came and are asked not to do the same, they will lose out on the potential business.


DreAmy_Cr|stabe| said...

management can be effing stupid sometimes. just don't bother. they are ignorant and outdated. if all malaysians are like that, we are definitely dead. gosh. so idiotic

thule a.k.a leo said...

hahaha... agree!