Thursday, March 26, 2009

Purple Cane Tea Restaurant @ Shaw Parade, Pudu KL

Jenn & I were quite free on one Sunday afternoon, as we had finished doing the chores for the weekend. I have just started to appreciate the art of tea, and wanted to buy tea sets to put at home. Where else to get them but at their HQ here in Pudu? They have a very large selection of tea, pots and accessories on the 1st floor. You can't really miss the signboard if you see Shaw Parade... too big to miss actually (lol!)

Before that, we had dinner at their restaurant which is situated in front of Shaw Parade. I really like the interior - the colour used is soft & the tables + chairs are simple.

I like their stand lamp too...

From the entrance, you would pass by the cashier and tea counter, with some selection of tea, teapots, cups and accessories. You can also opt to try the tea here. But for complete collection, one must proceed to the 1st floor.

Puer, long jing, black tea, oolong... you name it, they have it! Some selections are on promotion!

For starter, you probably would order their tea... after all, this is what they are famous for. They charge RM1.80 per pax doe their regular tea and up to RM12/pax for their premium selections, such as vintage puer. We had their regular Shui Xian tea.

Fried tea rice homemade style (long jing green tea) @ RM6.90 - a decent dish. Not much to rave about this.

Fried udon in black pepper sauce with tea mill (tie guan yin) @ RM7.90 - recommended by the waitress who attended to us, I like this dish... the black pepper sauce was not too strong and the udon mee was chewy... just the way I like it.

Green tea peanut paste @ RM3 - the texture is super smooth and also not too sweet. love it!

Part 2 - Jenn & I were back for the second time before the first one was posted... lol! This time I am going to write about their bah kut teh.. that's right!! you heard me... BAH KUT TEH!!! But I thought that Purple Cane doesn't serve pork?? Yes you are right.. coz they served chicken instead.. LOL!!! Actually Jenn & I had noticed this dish when we came here for the first time. But it was too late, as we'd ordered other dishes. So we planned this trip to Purple Cane again.

The bah kut teh came in claypot @ RM22.. and was kept hot with fire below! The soup was spiced up using herbs and oolong tea. Cabbage & golden needle mushroom were given too :)

Taufu pok came separately...

Bah kut teh for me... is not complete without yaw char koay (dough fritter). Very crispy... and I love it!

Tea egg (lychee black tea) @ RM1 per piece - just as nice!

Ice lemon green tea @ RM5.90 - full of flavour and worth every penny paid!

Leo's verdict - For many people, this dish will be less aromatic due to the chicken meat instead of pork. However, kudos to Purple Cane for coming out with their version of "kai" kut teh. The soup was not too strong with herbal taste though. It will depend on your preference in the end. For those who don't eat pork, this is as good as it gets!

With other outlets in The Garden Mid Valley and Chinese Assembly Hall (Jalan Maharajalela)... do check out on discounts given using certain credit cards! For me, I am their member so I get the discount all the times :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Little Angel - Leo Sher Ryn

5 O'clock... No! It's not 5pm... and I'd already waken up in order to prepare for something...

This... is the place where I was made to wait.

It was very cold in this corridor with only this old lady and me...

12/3/2009 @ 10.40am... I laid my eyes on my baby daughter for the first time, as the nurse showed me a small yet beautiful figure inside an incubator. Jenn was still inside the operation theatre, and so I followed my baby as she was taken to the nursery for observation. I managed to take the very first picture of her before she entered the nursery. Ha! My camera came very handy now... I just couldn't stop taking pictures and videos of my baby daughter.

The way she looked after being cleaned... my, she has a lot of hair!

Holding her for the very first time. Do I look happy or what???

A lot of well-wishers came to congratulate us... with all those gifts! My family, hers, our friends, etc...

Whooppss!!! Caught in the act... eating Jenn's food. lol!!

On the day she was being discharged from the hospital. Look at the proud mom!

Not to forget the happiest dad in the world!

Give-me-milk or feed-me look...

Grumpy look...

The way she sleeps...
She's going to kill me for this :)

Looking at her sleeping peacefully made me felt blessed. She arrived safe and sound after 9 months... to me it was the longest period that I've to wait. The first sound that she made was crying - am I paranoid coz tears flowed down my cheek at that moment. The tears of joy for knowing that I finally got to see her face for real, and that she could open her eyes to see her dad & mom. I don't think that I'll ever get bored looking at her... she's just so perfect in my eyes.

Ah!!! The miracles of life (^_^)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Lil Princess Leo

My baby has finally arrived!!! Sorry no photo at the moment coz I don't have bluetooth device or USB cable to transfer my daughter's photo... but stay tuned!!!

Will post loads of her beautiful pictures here soon... meanwhile I will be MIA for a week or so... back soon!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Restoran Lim Kee Pan Mee @ Jalan Dato Haji Harun, Taman Taynton Cheras

Recently migrating to Blogspot, I couldn't seem to import all my previous blogs from facebook & I am lazy to copy and paste everything all over again.

We arrived here one early weekend morning for breakfast, as I had haircut appointment nearby. That's right... my hairstylist is in Cheras. It was still early and therefore, not many customers came yet. Normally it would be packed during weekends.

The drink counter was placed outside instead of near the kitchen, so you can see the worker preparing your drink order.

My camera phone's zoom function was like shit... and the picture quality was not too good when I tried to take the newspaper cutting, as well as the picture of Chui Ling (One Day Five Meal) with the proprietors.

Both of us had the same thing in mind - dry pan mee. I always like the soup version instead of dry ones. But here at Lim Kee, their dry pan mee is a must try... the mixture of the sauces was simply wonderful with a hint of sweetness in it. It is served with minced meat, shredded mushroom, deep fried onion and anchovies... and separate bowl of soup with potato leaves. Simply wonderful! Let's not forget the chilly sauce which makes the eating experience more oommmppphhhhh... lol!

Just stir the mee like this and you're good to go!

Sui kow @ RM1 per piece - prawn and minced pork wrapped together in wanton skin before boiled in hot water. A must try side dish here!

Leo's verdict - The mushroom flavour here was the best that I'd ever tried in KL. Did I mention that the chilly sauce (or sambal belacan) is great too??? To me, pan mee is not complete without mushroom and great sauce! The whole place was already packed by the time we finished and left. Parking can be quite hard to find here so good luck!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Restoran Ang Kee @ SS2 Chow Yang

Reading about this place from a fellow blogger, I immediately made plan to come here one day. As Jenn & I are fans of good Chinese food, we can't really miss out Ang Kee, especially when it's so near to our home.

The restaurant was already full by the time we arrived at 7pm. The patrons here are mostly families. After waiting for about 10 minutes, we got our table, but it was outside. Oh well, better than having to wait longer to table inside.

Something that we'd brought along - my tea collection which comprises of a small and cute teapot, 2 equally cute tea cups and my own green tea... perfect compliment for our food.

We started out one of the best dishes - buttermilk (nai yao) mantis prawn. The prawn meat was very crispy and the sauce was a bliss... a must try dish! It will make you wanna add another bowl of rice.

Buddha palm taufu - I ordered this dish on the recommendation of the boss without knowing on how they prepared this dish. However, I was glad that I did! There were 6 pieces of taufu mixed with fish meat were great! Topped with their delicious gravy that tasted like soy sauce, this dish is also highly recommended.

No complain for the stir fried veggie too!

Leo's verdict - Total bill came at RM31.00 for the dishes, 2 bowls of rice & a pot of hot water... very cheap by PJ's standard. Will be back again next time to taste other dishes...

Monday, March 2, 2009

Canton-i @ 1-Utama Shopping Centre (Old Wing)

The first time that I noticed this place was while shopping with Jenn at 1 Utama... at that time there were a lot of people outside waiting for their table so we didn't try the food. One day we decided to beat the dinner crowd and came here early before dinner time. The outside looked very nice and modern.

This time there are 3 parts - twice in 1Utama outlet and once in The Garden Mid Valley outlet. I think that I have to speed up and clear the old posts... lol!

They even set up a small takeaway corner at the entrance selling pastries.

similar to Dragon-i, it's kitchen is situated at the front and show you can see all the assortment of roasted meats hanging - duck, goose, siu yoke, char siew, etc... looked very tempting even from outside! I guess this is what attracts potential customer to enter... lol!

Once inside, you'd notice that the interior is white and magenta in colour. These pendant lights create some traditional Chinese look for the restaurant.

The chefs preparing dim dum while you were seated at bar-style counter.

Maple leaves decoration hanging down from the chrome platform on the ceiling.

This is a truly hong kong style food & beverage. From the menu, you can opt for dim sum, porridge (HK ppl call it congee), assorted roast meats together with noodle/rice (even a-la-carte), desserts and drinks. Just like Kim Gary, you have to tick on the food & beverage of your choice on a piece of order chit given.

I ordered their Roast Goose Noodles @ RM18 - this dish is more expensive compared to other types of roast dishes such as duck, chicken, pork belly and char siew. If you prefer drumstick, fork out another RM8! The egg noodles used were tangy and chewy and I loved it! It'd be too soft if over-cooked. The downside was that the goose meat tasted just like normal duck meat... only less fat and meat's texture was softer. It came with a complimentary bowl of soup.

Jenn opted for Carp Fish Balls & Lettuce Congee @ RM11.80 - the congee texture was silky and smooth and fragrant, unlike those teo chew style porridge. Hong Kong style congee is slowly cooked to perfection. Dried scallops are added during cooking process for an unforgettable aroma.

Congee is not complete without yaw char koay, so Jenn ordered their deep-fried dough fritters @ RM3 - very crispy as they prepared on the spot once you placed order.

Deep-fried silver fish with pepper and salt @ RM12 - crispy, slightly salty & not too spicy despite the presence of chilly. I love it!!

Lemongrass with iced jasmine tea @ RM10 - good presentation using lemongrass. However, I expected the lemongrass flavour to justify its pricetag. I was disappointed when I realised that the jasmine flavour is stronger without much lemongrass flavour.

Part 2 - 1Utama outlet as well...

Stir fried pork belly wanton noodles @ RM12.80 - less RM1 if you go for the soup version. I guess that the management knows that most people would go for its dry version so they marked up RM1 higher. Like part 1, the noodle was still chewy and tangy. The pork belly had mild spicy taste and slightly salty. I loved it...

Roast BBQ Pork Ribs Noodles @ RM12.80 - instead of char siew, they used pork ribs for its sauce... it was sweet and I enjoyed cleaning the whole ribs using my fingers.

Jasmine Faery @ RM5 - actually I was intriqued by the flower art tea. Using marigold, gold amaranth and chrysamthemum... it is placed inside a glass cup before poured with hot water. Flower tea is hand crafted tea om which edible flower are hand-tied in a call of tea leaves. The flowering can be seen to be slowly opened giving a visionable appearance of the blooming flower. However, being a tea drinker... I don't really like the taste of those flowers... I prefer pure Chinese tea instead.
At the beginning...

After a while... noticed that the flower is blooming?

Part 3 - The Garden Mid Valley outlet...

Designs are similar to 1Utama outlet.

They have semi-circle sofa for up to 4 diners...

Fried turnip cake with XO sauce @ RM12 - with shrimp, bean sprout, pickled vegetables and spicy XO sauce... this dish is not oily and delicious.

Stewed beef brisket wanton noodles @ RM12.80 - according to feedback from Jenn's father, the brisket was too soft. I guess that the meat was stewed for too long. The noodle however, got a thumb up!

Egg tart @ RM5 - Jenn and I were not hungry so we ordered some dim sum dishes. The crust was fluffy and crispy while the yolk filling was not too sweet. Perfect!

Steamed egg yolk and custard bun @ RM6 - the bun had flavour of yam which I loved, and coupled with the sweetness from the egg yolk + custard... it felt like heaven.

Steamed BBQ pork bun @ RM6 - nothing to shout of, as I had better ones elsewhere. Given the price here, I expect the quality to fare better.

Hong kong coffee and tea (yin yang) @ RM5.50 - no complaints.

Leo's verdict - it is part of Dragon-i group which is famous for its siu long bao. The whole setting and designs of the outlets. The combination of white and magenta colours with lightings created a modern & contemporary feeling for the diners. However the space is quite limited at their Mid Valley outlet. I prefer 1 Utama outlet due to the spaciousness. Their wanton mee is a must try!