Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bar B Q Plaza @ Rainforest, 1-Utama Shopping Centre

Looking for a new place to eat is easy but finding a good place to eat is easier said than done. Jenn and I had seen their ads countless times everytime we came shopping in this mall. Funny thing is that we never once came here to try out their food. so one day we finally decided to try out and see how good their food is...

The mascot is dragon-like creature placed in front of the outlet.

The whole place was rather big... and when it was at its peak, you might have to walk further behind to look for table. Most of the waiters and waitress were Thai... but of course, they speak basic English too. Menu was given upon seated.

Look! They even have signs to teach you on how to cook using their BBQ set.

The hot plate was looking rather weird... they have steamboat area around the plate. It's for the vegetables... cabbages, corns, carrots, etc...

They gave these in order to grease the hot plate... Pork lard!!!

Like this...

They also provided a special sauce which was quite sweet... you can opt to mix with chilly, garlic and lime slice. Personally, I love the sauce!!! I ended up taking a lot of the sauce from them.

We ordered their Supreme Pork Set (2pax) @ RM29.90 - comprises of pork, bacon, chicken, squid, shrimp, udon, sliced cabbage, baby corns, carrot, lettuce & tomato. Of course, you can always order extra BBQ item from the menu if you think that the portion is not enough

This is how you are supposed to cook them

I also tried their Fried Bacon Roll which was wrapped around asparagus. It was very nice

Final outcome... lol!

Leo's verdict - It is similar to Korean BBQ but less pricey. If you happen to shop in 1-Utama frequently, chances are high for you to see their funny ads. Next time when I crave for BBQ again... I have a place to go, as it's less messy compared to Talipon Restaurant.

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