Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Simply Fusion @ Jaya 1, Section 13 PJ

We didn't know what to eat for dinner... so I asked Jenn to decide on one particular place/area and I would figure out the rest. Jaya 1 came into her mind and so off we went... We took our time to explore around, as this place is relatively new and we have only been here for about 3 times. This place has a lot of new restaurants popping up recently.

My eyes locked at the dessert section :)

This place looked quite interesting with its decor. Usage of mirrors and chandeliers + dark interior created a comtemporary feeling. There were quite a number of patrons inside, so we thought that the food would be nice.
The menu

The waiter was fast to attend to us once we were seated. Looking at their menu, I ordered their Value Set (total of 8) which was Seafood Garlic Fried Rice. And it came with complimentary coffee/tea/iced lemon tea & a choice of cake from their bar. The price?? RM19.20++! Iced lemon tea was rather plain. However, the fried rice was good... prawns were fresh and the accompanied grilled chicken on skewers with teriyaki sauce really made the difference. Thumbs up!
Iced lemon tea.. not so good. Oh well! At least it's free

Jenn opted for Chicken Shogayaki - Chargrilled chicken, saffron butter rice @ seasonal vegetables @ RM11.80++. This dish was similar to mine, as the chicken was marinated with teriyaki sauce as well. Generous portion of chicken while the butter rice was sweet too.

I had mentioned earlier that I got to choose a slice of cake of my choice... Brownie Cheese Cake. It looked very nice on the shelf and it certainly tasted very nice too. A perfect dessert to conclude my dinner here.

Leo's verdict - A relatively new restaurant which offer diners with a variety of food to choose from the menu. The lunch and dinner sets that they offer were meant to attract new crowds and working executives. I'd say that they really gave me a good first impression... first the overall outlook and then the food. I'll be back to try their other food on my next trip.

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