Monday, December 29, 2008

Cosy Corner @ Taman Yulek Cheras

My ex-colleagues brought me here a few times several years ago when I was still working in KL. They were staying in Cheras so they knew the area very well. This restaurant is located under low cost flat, and if you are not familar with Taman Yulek, you won't even know how to get to this place. Jenn & I arrived for breakfast... a long way from PJ you might say, but I had appointment with my regular hairstylist nearby.

The owner preparing the dishes herself...

Jenn went for their Lam Mee - their specialty - the mee was thick yet soft, just how she would like it. The gravy is not too thin nor thick...

Prawn Mee was my choice for that morning - not bad! the prawns were quite big unlike other places that gave prawns the size of dried shrimp... lol!!!

Leo's verdict - most of the patrons are regular customers. They also offer yong tau fu as side dishes... quite hard to find a parking,as the road is very small... and cramped!

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