Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Face-to-Face Noodle House @ Damansara utama (Uptown) PJ

At first, I was like... wtf is this name? Then I realised the truth behind its name. In Chinese, face & noodle sound and written exactly the same. This place offers a lot of varieties of pan mee and also sarawak noodles. Of course, they have their own specialty dish - hot & spicy pan mee.

The dinner crowd suggest that their food is commendable for a commercial area that is almost deserted at night...

Other condiments that you can add to spice up your dish :)

RM5.30 for the hot & spicy pan mee (dry) - you'd find the pan mee mixed with their homemade chilly flakes with belacan. Not enough? Spicy freak? There's still one whole jar of the flakes for you to add just in case :)

I had the dry curry pan mee instead @ RM5.80 - just like any conventional dry curry noodle but using pan mee. However, the curry powder was quite heavy and therefore, I didn't really like it.

Chrysanthemum tea @ RM2.00 - it's hard to find boiled tea these days... coz it's easier if you just sell canned drinks.

Leo's verdict - no service nor government tax and thus, no hidden charges. Definitely near my house and provide quick fix for my pan mee craving.

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