Monday, December 22, 2008

The Loaf @ Pavilion KL

Rumour has it that this upmarket bakery cum fine dining restaurant is partly owned by our very own Tun Mahathir (ex-PM). As far as I concern, the other branch is in Langkawi... in fact, there are 2 levels - lower level where they sell confectionaries while the upper floor is the fine dining area.

Once we were seated, appetisers were quickly served once orders were placed - 3 pcs of different types of small bun with butter.

Once we were seated and I started to take some pictures, I noticed a familiar famous face in Malaysian Art industry... Tan Sri Lim Kok Weng!!! Look carefully...

I saw my favourite drink - Lemongrass!!! Something to cure my thirst and turn on my appetite.

Initially we were planning to go for their high tea set before I spotted one of their buntings which showed a rather interesting concept - fusion between Malaysian & Japanese food. The name??? Ojyu Special! They priced it at RM40, RM70 and RM100 for one, two and three sets respectively.

1) Tsubaki - smoked salmon quiche, crispy chicken with curry mayonnaise, mushroom soup, asparagus soup & avocado chawan mushi
2) Sumire - edamame, prawn fritter with spicy miso mayonnaise, salmon & tuna tartare with quail egg
3) Murasaki - clam with chilly coriander dressing, tempura pollack fish fillet & otak-otak rolled with nori seaweed, tomato & olive bruschetta.

Jenn & I ordered Set 1 & 3... I love how they prepare the food!!! They even served all the dishes in bento boxes. The portion was quite small though... but it's the dining experience that matters here.

The chawan mushi were served after a short while, as they took some time to prepare it fresh... and it certainly tasted great despite its small portion.

Leo's verdict - Clever usage of hidden lights, mirror and white colour on tables + sofa + chairs to create extravagant feeling.

The sets are enough to fill both our stomachs... and since the whole dining atmosphere in The Loaf is great... there's always one happy customer... he he he
If you are feeling romantic, this place is quite good. Service is rather fast and attentive... but the price is a bit on the high side due to its fine dining status.

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