Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Purple Cane Tea Restaurant @ The Gardens Mid Valley

As a member of Purple Cane, they would send me birthday card + discount vouchers every year during my birthday month of October. One of the vouchers entitle me for 20% on food & beverages. So one day when we were shopping in Mid Valley, Jenn & I went there for lunch. They have a very nice wooden table and chairs that look like being cut out from a log... I'd dreamt of this in my house :)

The discount vouchers

The whole interior was quite modern... with a lot of shelves to display tea & other related products.

Most of the shelves and walls were white... including their menu

Appetiser was braised peanut in herbs & tea - the peanuts were soft and nice.

We started off with Puer Tea @ RM2/pax... I like their teapots!

Then we had one of their herbal egg @ RM1/pc...

Next on the menu was their Burdock Chicken Tea Soup (cooked with dong ding oolong) @ RM5 - also served in teapot where you drank like how you drink tea :)

Pan fried egg with anchovies and tea mill (tie guan yin) @ RM8 - the tiny and crispy anchovies spread on top of the egg provided the difference compared to ordinary fried egg

Tea rice with simmered chicken in black tea (lychee black tea) @ RM7.90 - this particular dish tasted just like braised chicken teo chew style.. tofu included!

Fried mee hoon homemade style with tea mill (tie guan yin) @ RM8.90 - just like Singapore fried mee hoon... tasted as good! They gave a bolw of curry gravy for spicy flavour.

Leo's verdict - The tea was great, food was good, and service was fast! This is a place worth giving a try if you want healthy food...

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