Monday, December 29, 2008

The Champion Duck @ Damansara Utama PJ

Fronting the LDP, this restaurant is easy to find as it is located on the same row with CIMB Bank in Uptown. So one evening while we were heading out for dinner in this area, Jenn & I came to this restaurant. Parking was relatively easy to find, and we parked in front of this place.

Tables and chairs were placed outside on the designated parking bays... similar to mamak stalls. The lady boss quickly attended to us and was rather hard-sell on her roasted ducks.. and claiming that the ducks were freshly made in the afternoon. So we asked for a quarter portion of her so-called famous duck. It was not to shout of, as it tasted rather plain and the meat was not too tender nor succulent... not a match compared to what I had in Kepong and Pudu area. Did I mention that the fat layer was quite thick as well?? In the end, I ate most of the ducks coz Jenn disliked the taste and texture. Wasted a lot of time getting rid of the fats before eating the meat!!

Hokkien Mee - there was one make-shift stall outside the restaurant. It was our plan to try their hokkien mee initially. It turned out to be quite OK... the gravy was not too thick nor thin, considerable amount of pork lard.

Leo's verdict - even though the duck meat was a disappoint, the Hokkien Mee turned out to be good, provided that you are not too fussy. conclusion... unless you are in the vicinity and looking for hokkien mee, there's no point to make any effort to come here. I have read a place with great Hokkien Mee in Jalan Templer area and Setapak. I'll write more once I pay a visit to the mentioned places OK??

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Bite Bite said...

sure brings back memories. the shop is no longer there.