Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Restoran Yik Kee @ Karak, Pahang

This is an old style restaurant which has bee around for a very long time. My parents frequented this place whenever they pass by. They often told me that their food was commendable... but then I didn't have the chance to try it until this particular day. The whole place was quite old style that you won't even consider to go in if you don't know the food is good.

Since I was on the way to Temerloh for business, and Jenn was tagging along... we decided to stop by this sleepy town and give it a try. It is located along Karak's main road on the right side, just before the ONLY traffic light in town if you are coming from KL.

They got "B" for overall cleanliness from local council...

We ordered their Signature Seafood Noodle @ RM10 (for one person) - just like Cantonese mee... deep fried yee mee topped with egg gravy, but with prawns, mushroom, fish ball, crab stick, squid and choy sum. Not bad... not everyone can make a decent Cantonese mee.

Homemade deep fried spring roll @ RM13 - more expensive than the seafood mee... but it was stuffed with a lot of meat and other ingredients. It is best dip with Thai chilly sauce.

Stir fried vegetable with chilly - the veggie was fresh...

They also serve iced sar lei with asam boi... very refreshing drink to open up my appetite!

Leo's verdict - this place also sell confectionaries... and other locally made snacks... the whole place looks very old even from outside. You still can see a lot of old posters hanging around... even chinese caligraphy!!

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