Thursday, February 5, 2009

Roasted Pork @ Restoran Hong Seng, Section 17 PJ

Meng Kee is the place to go if you are looking for char siew... but in terms of siew yoke (roasted pork), Hong Seng is one of the best places to go. Located next to Toto 4D and on the same row as Caring Pharmacy, I had read several good reviews from fellow bloggers before deciding to come here.

The stall is located at the main entrance of the coffeeshop... if you see the "nasi ayam" sign, you have found the place.

It was still early (not even lunch time yet) and therefore, it was relatively easy to find a table.

You would notice a few big pieces of siew yoke (roasted pork) hanging at the stall.

The boss was chopping and preparing orders... diligently!

I had the chicken rice + roasted pork... less than RM5.00 and it was proven that the reviews were accurate. The meat was tender and the skin was very crispy... normally I would separate the fat from the lean meat and skin, but this time I just wallop the whole stuff inside my mouth. The chicken was OK too...

Char siew was not as good... Jenn had the siew yoke + char siew and commented that the char siew was quite artificial and hard to chew. She also had a bowl of sour and spicy vegetable, prepared with the leftover meat from yesterday... she loved the dish! Not my cup of tea...

Leo's verdict - Thumbs up for the siew yoke! Simply crispy and delectable. However, the char siew is not up to the standard. The coffeeshop was full house by the time we left the coffeeshop around 12++pm.


Jason said...

You have the address for this place? *rubbing hands with glee*

fatboybakes said...

oh, this place quite famous right? hey, thanks for dropping by the cake menu blog, if you ever want to order, just email me la.
enjoy reading your blog, by the way.

fatboybakes said...

oh, have linked you, at my other food blog.
thanks for linking me.

thule a.k.a leo said...

jason - are you familar with Section 17 PJ? If not here's the address.. hope u read this:
Jalan 17/29, Section 17, PJ

fbb - will do (^_^)

thenomadGourmand said...

ohh..a place tht offers good roast pork! ..too bad the rest (char siew etc) not tht good.
sgh..whr to fnd ONE place tht offers all (chic, char siew, roast pork and pai kuat??)