Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kedai Kopi Kow Po @ Bentong, Pahang

Ask everyone around in Bentong on the best place for dessert or snack, and most likely you will be pointed to this place. Situated along the main road leading in and out of Bentong... directly opposite Bentong's bus station, it will not be too difficult to find. Another landmark is Hong Leong bank which is beside this restaurant.

There is a stall operated by a Malay lady outside selling nasi lemak and other Malay snacks...

This place has been featured in newspapers and visited by many famous people

They use mainly stainless steel chairs and tables

This is where they prepare their famous desserts

The reason on why this place is so famous is because of their homemade ice-cream... like shown in this pictures! Even my parents would come here whenever they passed by...

As for me, I would normally ask for 2 scoops... such as this peanut and vanilla flavoured ice-creams.

Jenn would order the cendol topped with one-scoop of ice-cream... in this case, pandan flavoured!

I also had a piece of cucur udang ordered from the Malay lady... it was good when topped with the spicy peanut sauce (similar to satay sauce)

Leo's verdict - I would pass by on my way to KL or back to Kuala Lipis everytime. So for people with sweet tooth like me... this is a place in heaven!! Normally they will give you free plain water once you finish the desserts.. talking about service!


fatboybakes said...

hey, that ice cream looks fabulous. good or not? creamy? texture looks good...not icey like some local stuff.

thule a.k.a leo said...

hmm... C&C had come here b4.. good reviews by them.
I couldn't find anywhere offering peanut and pandan ice-cream yet..

Anonymous said...

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