Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Remember One Two Six Restaurant @ Bukit Tinggi, Pahang

It seems that Bukit Tinggi area is famous for fresh water (river) fish. And if you are looking for these fishes at affordable place regardless the distance, this is the place to go. I have never come to this restaurant before, but apparently it is highly recommended by Jenn's parents who had come before. While we were on our way to KL, we decided to stop here for lunch with Erynn and Erick.

A great place to buy fresh produce too... look at those fresh fruits!

Vegetables too!

I wonder how they actually come out with this kind of name??? Remember 126?? Lol... anyway, it's the quality of food that matters and not the name right? Judging by the number of cars parked outside, you should have guessed that the food must be above average.

Steamed bak sou gong @ RM30/kg - this price is for those river-reared fish and if you want those caught-in-the-wild, please add another RM10/kg. Normally they will guarantee that the reared fish is free from soil odour. The sauce was not as sweet as the one I tasted at Loong Sing nearby, but still good though.

Deep fried pork bacon with homemade sauce @ RM12 - most of the restaurants in Bukit Tinggi have this dish. The secret is on the crispy-ness of pork and the sweetness of sauce. My personal opinion, the portion was quite little as the amount of onion was about 50% of this dish. The pork was great though!

Asam sotong @ RM12 - as the name suggested, this dish was sour, slightly spicy, and went very well with the white rice.

Stir fried baby water crest @ RM6 - as the veggie was young, it was fresh and chewy.

Part 2: My blogs have been backlogged & I had come here for 2nd time before I even put this post up! So here are the additional dishes. This time it's dinner with my siblings... I don't get to sit down for dinner together with them often.

Claypot bak sou gong - similar to the steamed fish, topped with ginger and cilantro. This time, I detected slight fish-y smell, although not much... and the claypot is very big!

Sweet & sour pork - although not the best that I'd tried, the combination of sweet and sour taste was good! I wish that the meat was more crispy

Japanese taufu with minced meat and salted fish - best dish of the day! Thumbs up!

Leo's verdict - The bill will normally cost less than RM100 if you order a fish plus other dishes, unless you go for prawns and other seafoods as well. It was very well the money spent. Did I mention that they gave complimentary dessert (fruits) too??? Just plan a day trip to this area, or drop by if you happen to pass by.


CUMI & CIKI said...

i love pak suk kong! i keep telling people this but nobody listens.. hahaha... it's really that layer of fat that I love ;) people say its a cheap fish ..but I don't care.. am addicted to pak suk kong

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

looks like a deal when it comes to fishes??? isit only pak soo gong??

thule a.k.a leo said...

c&c - agree with you :) patin cost almost the same... but don't know why everytime I'd order the former than the latter.. lol!

joe - there are a lot of river fishes for you to choose from... depending on your preference. There are jelawat (sultan fish), kelah, "sung" fish, patin, etc... you name it.

Anne Saw said...

hey .. 126 in cantonese mean "wan dou sek" .. mean "Dapat cari makan" :)

Nvr try 126 but I tried Loong Sing too.. and i think the food is pretty good and cheap!!