Friday, February 6, 2009

My latest gadget!

Ladies & Gentlemen..... (drum please!)

Presenting to you my latest acquisition - Canon IXUS 870 IS!!! (Round of applause!)

It's time for me to upgrade my digital camera. Retailing for RM1299, I only got it for RM1006 (plus 40000 Citibank Reward points). I have been wanting to get a new camera for a long time, for a few reasons:

1) I will be welcoming my first baby daughter next month, and I need a camera which can take good quality pictures and videos. This model fits the bill perfectly! First time being a father, I am very nervous and excited. Hope with addition into my family, she will bring me joy and hope. I don't want to miss her growing up process, and I want to capture every moment, be it candid or not.

2) I have been using my camera phone to take those pictures posted in my blogs. That's right - Nokia 6110 Navigator with 2 megapixels resolution, no autofocus and no macro mode for close-up pictures.

3) Times up for my Canon Ixus 40 which have been with me for almost 5 years. With Digic 2 processor, Canon clearly had not perfected their technology yet... as some pictures taken had noises (please click this link). I'll let you see one example of a picture taken in Bali few years back. The Auto mode of my Ixus 40 couldn't correctly set the ISO settings for optimum picture quality.
4) A review from a fellow blogger had shown that there are difference in the picture quality taken between Canon Ixus 870 and Ixus 70. Even the picture qualitytaken using Ixus70, which is newer model compared to my Ixus40, is pale in comparison with the latest Ixus 870. Click this link for the detailed blog!

Now that I'm equipped with one of the best cameras in the market, be sure that better quality blog pictures will be posted. Did I mention that they throw in a free 4gb Toshiba SDHC memory card and original leather Ixus camera pouch too??? You don't get these freebies outside... as the best offer that I got was about RM1200 with ciplak 2gb memory card and camera pouch. So I'm sure that I'd made a wise decision this time (^_^)