Friday, February 6, 2009

Cheow Sang Bah Kut Teh @ SS2 Chow Yang

I'd come here once 2 years ago and also to their Aman Suria branch few months ago... and I had written about the Aman Suria branch in facebook. But this time, it's in blogspot and therefore, I have decided to write again.

A few of my friends gave me good feedback about this place... and one morning, we were craving for bah kut teh. Here we come! Parking was still easy to find early in the morning.

The whole restaurant looked quite old due to the old furnitures

You can see the workers preparing the dish LIVE ON THE SPOT!!! lol...

Some of the pork meat and vegetables waiting to be served.

Jasmine tea bag that they gave but still charged you... hahaha! If you are tea lover, please bring your own coz the quality was bad. I wish that I'd brought mine :(

Bah kut teh is not complete with these stuff... dark soy sauce, garlic & chilly mixed together!

They served bah kut teh by bowl only. NO claypot. Initially I wanted to skip yaw char koay due to bad experience in their Aman Suria branch. But then I saw the boss bringing in newly fried yaw char koay as I walked in... and it turned out to be crispy and nice. It completed my breakfast :)

Leo's verdict - the breakfast cost me about RM15.00 for 2 person... even though the bah kut teh portion is only for one pax. But then the broth was clear and the herbal's taste was not too strong... and they were quite generous with the pork meat too. The location is definitely nearer to my home and provide a quick fix to my bah kut teh craving. However, sometimes I will drive further to Sri Setia for Ah Sang Bah Kut Teh instead...

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Precious Pea said...

U must be orang PJ! featuring all my usual eating places. I used to live in SS2 for 20 over years, not anymore now. Looking back at the places you ate, it brought back fond memories.