Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Restoran Yu Ai @ SS2 Chow Yang

For the fans of Seafood noodle, they would definitely recognise this name. Having crafted their name in Segambut, where they originally came from... they had opened a branch here in Chow Yang area. Ever notice the word "Segambut" on the signboard? They wanted to let you know that they are from the same proprietor... lol! Last time they had an outlet in USJ 9 but it had been closed down for unknown reason.

For those who never heard about this place... you wouldn't go in, as from this picture, the whole place was empty without single customer, except for the person-in-charge and workers. But I assure you that the noodle here is good... not forget to mention EXPENSIVE... lol!!!

Jenn and I ordered basically the same noodle... the only difference is that she was having clear soup while I had the curry+tomyam soup (you have to request for them to mix).

The worker preparing our noodle at the back. Noticed the big red pails??? Those are where the seafood placed... sorry that the picture quality is bad coz I was using my camera phone.

My dish was served! Combination of spicy-ness & sourish due to the mixture of soup that I requested earlier.

Jenn's... in clear soup

Up close and personal...

End result??? LOL...

Leo's verdict - quite pricey even for a small bowl of seafood noodle. Price?? RM15 for small and extra RM2 for big one. What do you get for the price? 3 big prawns, fish chunks, mussels, clams & squids... and if you ask me if it's worth the price, HELL YEAH!


fatboybakes said...

wow, and they open at night? when you say @chow yang, what do you mean ah?

Jason said...

Been here and I think the tom yam can be improved.

thule a.k.a leo said...

fbb - ss2 area is rather big... chow yang is one of the areas. anyway, if you have GPS... so go Jalan SS2/10... that is CHow Yang area. and yes, they do open at night!

jason - I agree... but normally my soup is a mixture of both curry & tomyam.. so it's Ok for me!