Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rendezvous to a marketplace???

One particular Wednesday...

Leo: Hey, your hubby will bring you for a romantic dinner this coming weekend
Jenn: Wow!! Sounds so mysterious... where is this place??
Leo: It will not be a surprise if I tell you about it now... let's wait until this weekend...

Fast forward to Friday evening...

Leo: Ta-da... here it is! What do you think???
Jenn: *Gasp* but how did you get to know about this place??? It's so secluded! Tell me, have you brought girls other than me here???
Leo: Of course not. Don't be silly...
Jenn: Oh... come here *smooch smooch*

OK... the last line might be exaggerated a little bit :)
Turning left into a small lane (following my instinct) right after passing by Megan Avenue, the restaurant was spotted right away. As a matter of fact, there was a signboard at the junction but you could easily missed it if you were not paying attention.

This bungalow turned restaurant was rather secluded. Parking was rather limited but I arrived at 7.15pm and the dinner crowd wasn't here yet.

You can see KLCC in the background from the outside, and from the top floor. But the top floor section had been booked on that day for private function.

It's interior was tastefully decorated... but the lightings were rather dim to create a more comfortable feeling to the diners, accompanied by soft Spanish songs playing all night long.

There was also a section where you could sit down and drink the night away!

Complimentary bread with olive oil and vinegar was kinda forgetable. Bread was cold and its crust was as hard as stone.

Pan seared scallops with chilly oil and garlic croutons - the scallops were soft but the garlic croutons provided the crunch to this dish. Taste however was OK but rather oily.

Potato soup with truffle oil and croutons - no presence of croutons, however the soup was creamy and flavourful. I hardly had potato soup ever since Campbell's stopped producing its canned version of this soup.

Stuffed chicken breast with sauteed leek and creamy mustard sauce - I thought that this dish was rather unique. The stuffed chicken was tender and the mustard sauce was even though creamy but didn't overpower the meat. Did I mention that I love leek???

Pan fried salmon with spinach and pernod sauce - rather simple dish but the salmon was perfectly done and the sauce provided extra oommppphhh to this dish!

Taylor's Fine Tawny Port & Tio Pepe

Chateau de Sequin Sauvignon Blanc & Concha Y Toro Fronter Cabernet Sauvignon

Leo's verdict - a romantic place for romantic getaways for couple & also a great place to hang out with friends to have drinks (happy hour until 10pm). Total bill came at RM188++ but it was well worth it. The only complain that I had was the attending waiter that served us. He seemed kinda clueless on the wine recommendation to pair with our food...

The place : Market Place @ Lorong Yap Kwan Seng, KL


Sean said...

u chose a perfect place for a romantic dinner! clap clap! =)
luckily u went early though. the clubbers can get really noisy later at night...

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ohh crap bread doesnt sound good.. but i suppose the chicken made up for it..

when it comes to wine, not many know their stuff one..thats the downside..

Paranoid Android said...

Wine pairing from a waiter in Malaysia? Forget it. Just be thankful if they can describe in detail what you are ordering. :D... Another place to check out. Thanks!

qwazymonkey said...

No wonder Tim says you're the best hubby lah.

Yeah, agree with Sean, the place is nice and glad you were early. Cos by late night the place turns into a club. The place reminds me of Frangipani.

UnkaLeong said...

Husband of the year award definitely goes to you bro...Heheh. Glad Jenn approved ;)

CUMI & CIKI said...

clubbing! dinner is good too;)

PureGlutton said...

Nice romantic place ;-)

thenomadGourmand said...

So sweet la u..

thule a.k.a leo said...

sean - really?? I didn't know that this place will turn into clubbing scene

joe - that's why I relied on my instinct :) apart fr the wine, everything were great!

paranoid android - will wait for your post on this place!

qwazymonkey - I don't see myself as the best hubby la.. lol! but ain't loving ur wife is a must??? Ask McCutie that... hahahhaah

unkaleong - hmmm... I have yet to ask her if I'm up to the award!

cumi&ciki - welcome back!! long time didn't see u around.. hope u enjoyed ur time in langkawi (of course the food as well).

pureglutton - I have to agree with you on this.. there were only two of us that night (minus the baby)

becky - have to la... otherwise how to keep the spark going???