Thursday, August 20, 2009

Morning Stroll at Petaling Street KL

*Driving out of an apartment somewhere in Jalan Kuching... looking at my watch*
"S**t!! It's only 10.30pm" I thought to myself. Arriving in KL early in the morning, I had just finished my first chore of the day. Since my next appointment was 12pm in Taman Seputih and therefore I had to hang out somewhere nearby. Driving into Jalan Kinabalu, I called Jenn "Hey dear! I've finished my chore in Sri Putramas. It's still early and I have nowhere to go."

Jenn: Where are you now?
Leo: somewhere near Si Cheong Gai lo...
Jenn: Then why don't you make a stop in Si Cheong Gai??

Eh! How come I have not thought of that before? I remembered going to this area quite frequently in the past, more than 7 or 8 years ago when Jenn was still studying in ATC. We were only friends back then. I even worked in this area for a few weeks before shifting to Taman Kenanga. This place need to introduction, as it's commonly known as KL's Chinatown or fondly as Petaling Street to most people.

Luck was on my side, as I found a parking spot once I turned in from Jalan Kinabalu. After parking my car, I called Jenn again. Walking along Jalan Petaling, most stalls had not opened for business yet.

Leo: Harlo! Got anything nice to intro or not? Since you studied here last time...
Jenn: Hmmm... wanna try asam laksa?? There is one which I think quite nice... do you know where Plaza Petaling is?
Leo: Wah lao eh.. how am I supposed to know?? I hardly come here leh..

At this point, a guy who seemed to be working in this area pointed out the building to me... I realised that I was talking a bit loud.. lol!!! I smiled and then gestured to him saying thank you very much. I was actually standing in front of the building itself without realising it. And I saw this Chinatown Food Paradise. "Sounds like those touristy restaurant than those local ones" I thought. The entrance looked like tiger's mouth waiting for its prey to enter.. lol!!!

Anyway, I searched for asam laksa stall and managed to locate it after a short while. Since I had breakfast earlier.. a small bowl of asam laksa was considered enough. It tasted pretty decent... slightly spicy and sourish broth with generous amount of ingredients - cucumber, pineapple, onion, mint leaves and fish. The thick rice noodle was soft and springy... but be careful as I chewed on some fish bones while gulping down the laksa. Price-wise was OK at RM4.50.

I need something to cool down the asam laksa. Walking out of the building, I head towards the busy intersection of Jalan Petaling and Jalan Hang Lekir. My destination?? This particular Air Mata Kucing stall... about all people who come here often will know about this famous stall. The two brothers were so successful that they were able to buy new houses and cars after a few years of operation... sadly though, they were investigated by IRA and later charged with a lot of penalty allegedly for avoiding tax.

Ah!! Nothing beats a cool refreshing drink for only RM1.20!

Alas! It's almost time for my appointment. Walking back towards my car, I noticed this... Washington Cake House tucked inside an old-style kopitiam at the intersection of Jalan Sultan and Jalan Petaling. A lot of elders were seen sitting inside the kopitiam chatting while sipping a cup of tea/coffee. Quite a lot of people actually stopped by to buy some of the pastries. Upon closer look, a lot of newspaper cuttings were shown at the stall showing the boss with his famous creation, sponge rusks!

All the sponge rusks were lined up in front of the stall... costing RM13, I couldn't resist to buy one for myself. The sponge rusks are delicious to be dipped into coffee or tea, or else very crunchy to eat by itself.

That basically summed up my 1 hour excursion in Si Cheong Gai... there are a lot of famous stalls in this area such as Seng Kee claypot lou see fun, hokkien mee, Portugese grilled dish, porridge... that I wanted to come and try. It has been a very long time since I spent some time exploring the food here. what I am going to do now is to gather a few fellow bloggers and then embark on eating spree soon... lol! I have already a few in mind!!!


J2Kfm said...

oh i was searching for Seng Kee the other evening, can't find lah.
which road ah?
i'd be glad to join ya, tell me when ok? hehe ...

btw, never heard of the Air Mata Kucing case. a stall like that, kena audited?

Sean said...

ok, some of your readers will hate me, but let me know if u plan to search for a stall here that supposedly serves dog meat!

Paranoid Android said...

AH... Such a nostalgic place. There is a roasted duck stall there that's quite good, i remember, but very oily. And a claypot low shee fan place near the junction to MABA. Tasty, but super oily.

J said...

Oh man, haven't had the Portugese grilled fish there in such a long time.... Used to go there with my parents a lot then stopped when my mum started getting a bit allergic to seafood. :(

thule a.k.a leo said...

j2kfm - it's located along Jalan Sultan... shouldn't be too hard to locate considering it's just on the road side! once u pass Wisma's just further up on the right side!

Sean - to be honest, I'm a dog lover! but it's alright.. I've nothing against you :) I can't imagine myself having the meat of my sister's Silky Terrier

paranoid android - really?? I thought that the lou see fun was OK.. not too oily!

j - it's still the usual self there in Petaling st... traffic jam, people mountain people sea... chaotic!!!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

nice way of working out!