Thursday, July 23, 2009

Xin Jie Teo Chew Porridge @ Jalan Jawa (Java Street), Off Jalan Bunga Raya, Melaka

After my lunch at Long Fatt, I was brought to another Teo Chew porridge shop. Don't ask me on how to go here because my client just pointed here and there and I'd reached here in less than 10 min from Long Fatt. It is well hidden along a small one-way street. There is no signage in English, only Chinese. "Xin Jie" means New Street in English and I literally translated the name :)

Just to be sure, this restaurant is located next to the famous Lover's (Yin Yang) Bridge.

This place is normally frequented by the locals, office workers as well as well-informed tourists. Just like Long Fatt, you could only find the elderly people manning this place. Where has the younger generation gone?? Most of us prefer to work in office, wearing office attire and don't like to get our hands dirty.

The choices here were somewhat different from Long Fatt, where the latter was more towards traditional way of preparing... the dishes in Xin Jie looked more like home-cooked style.

The same fermented bean sauce and chilly sauce were given together with the porridge.

Wasting no time, I asked my client to order some of their most famous dishes. What??? I can't afford to try out all the dishes at one go. There were only 2 of us... starting with this, dark soy sauce chicken. The meat was tender with a hint of pepper which was not over-powering the sweetness of the soy sauce. Thumbs up!

Stir fried lala - another good choice!

Salted vegetable - same as Long Fatt

Bitter gourd with fermented bean sauce - Not really a fan of bitter gourd, which was slightly bitter but somehow I liked this dish. It was very soft due to the long process of braising.

Chilly fish - this dish was a clear winner for both of us. The fish was sliced open from the top and stuffed with chilly before deep fried. Just sprinkle with lime and as a result, sour and spicy all-in-one.

Leo's verdict - while both restaurants offer Teo Chew porridge, some of their dishes were different. I think Xin Jie is more suitable to the new generation's palate :)


Sean said...

hmmm yeah u're right, maybe in 30 years time, these places will be extinct in malacca...

thenomadGourmand said...

yum yum yum..

thule a.k.a leo said...

Sean - hopefully not, otherwise where are we going to eat these stuff??

thenomadGourmand - know where to go next month?? Hahahha

reanaclaire said...

all about melaka food here? great., something different over here...