Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Penang Village @ Tropicana Mall PJ

Tropicana Mall has become my favourite place to go for grocery shopping because it is still new and less crowded. The best thing is that I can go there anytime without having to worry about carpark issue associated with those major shopping malls out there (do I have to list them down?). Top of my shopping lists nowadays are mostly baby stuff... Mamy Poko, Drypers, baby clothes, etc... I hardly buy anything to pamper myself like I used to do in the past! Have I changed??? Hahaha... another step in life!

So it's time to look for something to eat after shopping. Spotted this restaurant tucked at a corner on the 1st floor. Intriqued... we looked at their menu... hmmm! interesting we thought so we walked right in. But then we realised that the outlet was almost empty! Anyway, we were impressed by the interior and decor... white furnitures made the outlet look clean and the red colour on the wall provide Oriental feeling for the outlet.

You can see that there is a section where shiny zinc plates are used together with lighting to add brightness to the entire outlet.

Don't know why but I craved for teh tarik that day... and their overpriced teh tarik was not too sweet but not too great either!

Our main meals were served using a boat-shaped plate which was kinda odd looking... I prefer my food to be served using round ones. Anyway, my Nasi Goreng Penang Village special was mediocre. The two pieces of accompanying deep fried ayam berempah was quite hard but tasted good nonetheless. Luckily they provided her bee (prawn sambal) that provide some oompphh to the fried rice.

Jenn's Nasi Tomato with Ayam Rendang fared better... she mixed the rendang gravy with the rice. The side dish... 3 pcs of popiah was so so only.

Leo's verdict - price was slightly on the high side. Service was fast and attentive, as we were virtually the only customers at that time. They also provide set meal at a special price... but with a catch!! No white rice is provided and the price for a bowl can set you back!!!


Sean said...

still have yet to visit tropicana mall! keep hearing horror stories about traffic leading into the car park... but there's an outlet in the mall called bad ass coffee which is supposed to be opening soon. that definitely sounds interesting!

thenomadGourmand said... rice for set meal? wat a con ;p
Anyways, tried their outlet at Times Sq, didnt wow me and nvr went back!

santini and phoa hoa stil my choice if i'm in Tropicana!

Paranoid Android said...

Uh... OK. That means I won't get my fix for Penang Food there? And Boos blog was tantalising me.


Jason said...

Next time maybe you can try Room Eighteen. Very similar like Canton-i. Food were quite okay.

thule a.k.a leo said...

sean - it depends on what time you go there lo... if you go there around 1pm onwards, you might get frustrated. Especially GSC has opened its door recently... the carparks are getting even harder to find... good thing is that it's not as bad as Mid Valley, 1Utama or KLCC... a lot of new food joints there too!

Becky - agree!! the outlet didn't leave a very good impression to me, so it might take me a very long time before I go there again

paranoid android - you want some good and decent Penang Food?? Try Little Penang in Mid Valley or Penang Cafe in The Curve ok???

Jason - no problem bro! Thanx and I will try it soon... coz I go to Tropicana Mall a lot lately..