Monday, July 27, 2009

Sid's Pub @ Lorong Rahim Kajai 14, TTDI KL

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon (let's not forget to mention a hot one). After we finished our chores for the day, we headed back home... and our stomach started to growl. We then realised that it was already past lunch time. No wonder la!! So we turned into TTDI from Sprint Highway to look for something to fill our stomach.

I remembered reading about Sid's Pub from someone's blog... a lil fat monkey's if I'm not mistaken. It took me a long time to finally come here. Well, better late than nothing at all. Located in a relatively quiet and less congested area of TTDI, it didn't take me long before finding a carpark nearby. As we walked in, the place was almost empty except for a few guys reading newspaper while sipping their beer.

Browsing through their menu, Jenn settled for their Pork Vindaloo which is a dish from Goa on India's West Coast. It is claimed that Sid's Uncle Pat stole the receipt whilst travelling to that area back then. This dish is basically using lean pork loins and marinate with spicy vinegary sauce. Honestly, it tasted like pork curry but the gravy was more watery and sour-ish. I really don't know how to appreciate this particular dish... on top of it, they didn't even bother to ask for my preference for fries or rice... I got the fries (prefer the latter though). This dish was supposed to be Jenn's but I could see from her face that she disliked it so I swapped mine with hers.

Pigs in Blankets - basically it was pork sausages wrapped in bacons. I am a huge fan of bacon and therefore I truly love this dish. But remember that I swapped mine with Jenn's??? Sigh... I only got to eat a piece of it!! This dish is served with spicy English mustard sauce.

Then of course... it was all day's Happy Hour till 8pm and I could not resist asking for a jug of Tiger beer. A perfect drink on such a hot day!


Not to forget.... Bbbbuuuurrppppppppppp!!!! (Excuse Me)

Leo's verdict - there are so many dish items in the menu that I would like to try... and normally it's quite empty on weekend's afternoon, making it easier to park and dine before cabut back home :)


Sean said...

hey u always seem to be swapping dishes with jen ... u're too kind! :D
yeah, the pork vindaloo looks like it would have gone better with rice...

Paranoid Android said...

Aiyo yo... babi and beer. I'm flipping out. Now I'll have to take a weekday off.

UnkaLeong said...

Try the burgers and the Guinness the next time you visit them ;) The gravy for the vindaloo is normally a little thicker. Maybe it hasn't reduced in the pot long enough yet :)

thule a.k.a leo said...

sean - what to do?? she's my wife and I love her :P

paranoid android - if you happen to be in the vicinity and need a beer kaki... contact me ok?? I live nearby

unkaleong - yeah! that's what I am planning to order next time... burger babi!hahhaha! I have just started to learn drinking Guinness... gimme some time to familiarise with it ok?

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J said...

I luff Sids! :)

Ooh. Don't forget to try the pork ribs too if you can. :) :)
(9 out of 10 times - it's yummy... There are rare occasions where it's a bit dry/ not marinated enough)

Ranji said...

Hey, Go at lunchtime and you might be served by Sid's Uncle Pat. Looks a bit like Sid but more handsome!!