Thursday, July 16, 2009

The C. Club @ Pavilion KL

I had received a lot of feedback from fellow floggers regarding my previous post. When I went home yesterday evening, I had a long talk with my wife and she really slapped some sense into me. I have to admit, she's more rationale and more capable in handling this kind of situation than I do. Bottom line is... let bygone be bygone!!! Blogging should be a happy affair... and the fact that I am just giving my honest opinion will sometimes be met with criticism and wrath from other people. Oh well... life goes on!

Good opportunities are rare and when they do come by... be an opportunist and grab them :) this principle was taught by my ex-boss while I was still working with Thule. I have been applying in my daily work, investment approach and now on FOOD!!! So when I got to know that Citibank is offering 50% Off Meal Deal in conjunction with its 50th Year Celebration, I wait no longer... they are offering Buy 1 Free 1 for their soups, salads, main courses and desserts.

The C.Club is The Carat Club's foray into F&B industry... and those who love jewelery would know that they are specialised in high end diamonds and other type of jewelery. Judging from my descriptions, one must have guessed that this is a high-end dining place??? You bet it is... the design of the outlet is so elegant yet simple. The waiters are all smartly-dressed and professionally trained to serve you better. Let's not forget to mention about their ultra-exclusive designer chairs...

The chandeliers that extend down to a level below (where they sell the jewellery) add some extra elegant feeling to the outlet.

Their menu is combined with the Glitterati magazine by The Carat Club.

After our orders were taken, they served the complimentary whole grain bread immediately, similar to what those Italian restaurants serve you. Breads were fresh too :) Just dip it into the olive oil + vinegar and soon we were appetised :)

Their special lemongrass drink at RM13++... I just could not resist lemongrass even though I planned to drink just plain water!

The lobster bisque that I ordered was full of flavour with a piece of soft shell crab meat inside... Jenn loved it so much that she immediately switched her Mushroom soup with mine... GRrrrrrr!!!!

The mushroom soup was equally good but I prefer my lobster bisque :( a lot of mushroom chunks inside & a few pieces of bread crumbs were given. FYI... every bite was full of mushrooms inside!

My lobster pasta was great!!! I love this dish which was slightly spicy with fresh lobster meat and springy spaghetti...

I forgot the name of this risotto dish but it was a bit salty to my liking but Jenn thought that it was nicely done!

Leo's verdict - The total bill came for about RM160 after service charge and government tax... it would have cost me more than RM200 if not for the Citibank promotion. Good food, fast service and most importantly... great bargain for such a high end dining place. If there's time, I will definitely make way for second visit here. To those who have Citibank credit card, the promotion ends 15th August 2009...


Sean said...

too bad i don't have a citibank card! but the bill still seems steep ... more than RM100 for two soups and two mains even after the buy-1-free-1? btw, there's also a balcony lounge outside that's nice to hang out at on a cool, haze-free night.

msihua said...

Oh that looks really yummy!!