Monday, July 13, 2009

Tasting Room @ Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar

What would you do if you have the opportunity to be free for a day or two???

Yeah I know... too short for holiday or vacation elsewhere. But a weekend getaway won't hurt :) that's what Jenn & I did when her mother agreed to look after Sher Ryn for the weekend. Both of us had not gone out for a romantic dinner ever since Sher Ryn came into our lives. The feisty little princess really had us restless most of the times.

Off to KL we went... wanted to go somewhere quiet and romantic for dinner, we opted for Tasting Room in Bangsar. Located above Wine Cellar, this place was indeed very quiet and perfect for both of us to chat the night away :)

Once we were seated and orders were taken, this was given to us... I like the crispy-ness of the nachos-like crepe, and the tangy-ness of the sauce. Both of us were so darn hungry that night and so the plate was literally licked clean in seconds!!

Creamy seafood chowder with seafood and diced vegetables @ RM15 - two hot from the oven toasts were given to dip into the soup. Both of us loved the creamy and cheesy soup with lots of seafood bits inside. Breads were fresh too!

For main order, Jenn had the Pan Seared New Zealand Lamb Tenderloin @ RM48 - served with shimiji mushroom , rosemary sauce and sauteed creamy potato gnocchi with herbs and spices. For someone who doesn't eat lamb (me!), I tried to have a bite and found it to be tender when it was done medium-well. Still... it had the smell of lamb which I didn't like. But then, I finished almost half of the potato gnocchi... simply a delight!

I had the Smoked Duck @ Chicken Thigh @ RM38 - baked in oven with onion compote and roasted vegetable. I really love the tenderness of the smoked duck meat. I'd not tasted anything better than this compared to our Chinese style roasted duck. The chicken was good as well but I prefer the duck.

As for dessert, we settled for Chocolate Cosmos @ RM19 - another hit with both of us. It was not overly sweet with ice cream on top... and chocolate + strawberry sauce to complement it.

Our romantic outing is definitely not complete without a bottle of red wine. We had this... Treehouse Pinot Noir 2006. Jenn always like wine which is fruity and not too strong. Costing us RM82, it was a perfect ending to our dinner... maybe both of us had not tasted wine for a long time as we were quite tipsy at the end of the night.

Leo's verdict - to keep it simple, we love this place and will be back!!!


Sean said...

ahhh yeah it's a cool place, and i think it stays open past midnight, so lovebirds like u can spend hours there without worrying about closing time. nice to hear that u both managed to share a great evening together. :D
the potato gnocchi looks yummy ... must remember to look out for it the next time i'm there. and i share jenn's sentiments about what kind of wine i like, so i'll look out for that pinot noir too. :D

CUMI & CIKI said...

i need a drink:)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

pinot for rm82? affordable..

Bangsar-bAbE said...

I'd definitely go for the NZ Lamb...since I like gnocchi. =)

thule a.k.a leo said...

sean - lol.. two of us still consider lovebirds?? Well, I think there is needs to keep the sparks flying :) the potato gnocchi can be paired with other dishes from the main menu.. try to ask ur attending waiter if u happen to go

c&c - me too...

joe - that's what I thought when I asked the waiter to recommend something nice to us. Luckily he didn't bring something that cost more than that!

bangsar babe - the gnocchi can be paired with others in the main menu, so you have plenty of choices :)

thenomadGourmand said...

ohh..sounds promising la this plc.. many plc, so litte time ;) !!