Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mo Sang Kor Bah Kut Teh @ Leboh Bangau, Taman Berkeley Klang

From the first sip of Mo Sang Kor's BKT in Hutong Food Court, Jenn & I had fallen in love with the thick herbal flavour. Although they can really try to use a bigger bowl because the amount of soup given was rather puny! We'd been told that this is the way that they have been doing business spanning 3 generations. Since the price to eat BKT in Hutong Foodcourt was RM16++ for a bowl of rice + BKT (meat of your choice) and a glass of iced tea, which we thought were rather exorbitant, we decided to go to their Klang outlet instead.

Utilising the power of Google (well, who doesn't use Google nowadays?), I searched for the nearest Mo Sang Kor outlet in Klang. Their Pandamaran outlet popped out first.. "too far" we thought! Then Berkeley Park's name appeared and the whole world seemed brighter again :) both of us agreed that the best time to enjoy BKT was early morning... I mean, VERY EARLY.. when everyone was still in dreamland. Imagined our excitement when we spotted this sign as we drove by.

The excitement was shortlived when we were greeted by this sight! Unbelieveable!!! I looked at my watch and it showed 8am. I couldn't believe that I actually had to wait for table at this hour! The rather stuffy interior didn't help much either as Sher Ryn could get grumpy anytime. Lady Luck must be with me this time as I spotted someone leaving after 5 min!

We quickly placed out order before I spotted a familiar face! This guy was the one that we saw in Hutong Foodcourt. I smiled and had a quick chat with him. He told me that he helped out at this place from 7am onwards and would then rush to downtown KL (Hutong Lot 10) to start preparing for business at 11am (he had to get there at 10am). His wife would then continue his work.

He seemed to know what I was doing and promptly asked me to feel free to continue taking pictures, starting with this huge pot filled with various parts of the pork. Just at the sight of it made me hungrier than ever!

Mo Sang Kor's version of BKT in a pack ready to be made right at the comfort of your home. Anyone?? I did.. and it tasted nothing like I had here so just forget it OK?

I brought along my own vintage Puer - perfect to wash down all the oil from consuming BKT! They do have their own tea should you don't have any.

Old-school style of boiling water!

Our orders arrived in less than 10min which was rather fast considering the outlet was in its maximum capacity! My stomach drummed at the sight of the porky-licious BKT

Paikut (ribs) @ RM7.50,

Nuan kut (soft bones) @ RM7.50,

and pork tendon (from its knuckles) - only available on weekends and in limited numbers so if you want to savour this part please be early!

considering amount of works required to extract the tendon from the knuckles and therefore the price is higher compared to the former two.. I think it's about RM9 for this bowl alone. Take a closer look at the part which is full of collagen goodness :)

A new pot was brought out shortly after.. replacing the previous pot which was already empty (I think in less than 20min).

Nothing was spared and by the end of the meal, we had to drink a lot of tea to wash down the oil! BURP!!!

Leo's verdict - what I like about each and every bowl of the BKT was that it contained a piece of mushroom. Being a sucker for mushroom, I couldn't help but rave about this fact! LOL! I don't know about their Pandamaran outlet but be prepared to spend considerable time to find a table. After all, the outlet is located in an intermediate shoplot unit and therefore, tables are limited! Apparently they have opened another outlet in Bandar Puteri Puchong. Maybe that's where I'll go if I crave for Mo Sang Kor's BKT. But then Pao Xiang is conveniently located in 1Utama and offers similar version of BKT... and although I prefer Mo Sang Kor's BKt, I'd settle for Pao Xiang most of the time due to the proximity to my house in BU!!! And for those who sweat easily, be prepared as I was drenched by the time I finished the meal.

P.S: Non-halal (what? you expect BKT to be halal?)

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UnkaLeong said...

Wah...Haven't been here in a while. Better believe it bro, did you read becks latest post? Mai Sai very early wan, though i've been told nowadays they adjusted their output to cater for the demand :)

Sean said...

hey, the bkt looks meatier than the one i recall from hutong! gosh, now i feel like having pork tonite, and it's your fault :D

kampungboycitygal said...

wow the one in hutong is selling for double the price. but still i wouldn't mind bcoz klang is like a huge maze for me

J said...

Love BKT! :) :) :)

(Of course you cook the packet BKT at home is not as nice lah - they must have left out the secret ingredient....)

Paranoid Android said...

One of those rare occasions when you post something and I can say I have been there too! Due to my bad navigational skills of course. LOL.

J2Kfm said...

Seriously, Pao Xiang's version (you noticed the Pao Xiang a few doors away? I think this was the original) cannot fight wif MSK's.

The Pandamaran outlet also can be crowded like mad, but not as bad as Berkeley's from what I saw.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wrong idea to read ur blog, got to avoid words like bak kut teh, suddenly the body is craving for some, think its withdrawal syndrome..haha

boo_licious said...

heart stopped there for a moment as everything looks great, esp washed down with vintage Puer tea. I've only tried Pao Xiang here. Must give this one a try.

PureGlutton said...

Wooo... those tendons looked so very sinfully good! Haha, i applaud you for trying out their BKT at home & then warning us to forget it! Hmm... i shd go try the Pandamaran outlet!

eiling lim said...

i used to go to their pandamaran out let and you have to go there really early because it sells out pretty fast. OMG i really missed the taste!

thule a.k.a leo said...

unka - when you have a baby in tow, you'd know what I mean :)

Sean - so, did you end up having pork that night?

kampungboycitygal - don't you have a GPS in hand??

J - just to keep us coming back for more huh?? LOL!!

paranoidandroid - really??? the BKT was good huh??

J2kfm - then we have the same thoughts :) I'm pretty sure that their Pandamaran outlet is bigger nonetheless

Joe - blame that on me :P

boo - since I have read from your blog that you have come here several times, I was quite surprised that you haven't gone here

pureglutton - be there early if you want good parts!

eiling - agree!! I kinda miss the taste already

jason said...

We saw the Puchong's outlet last nite... there was another BKT shop 2 doors away from it, I think the name is Wing Hong.

vialentino said...

they have a branch in puchong but no chance to go and try yet...this bkt is something special

kwpang said...

wow... they look incredibly delicious.... gonna get fatter.....

CUMI & CIKI said...

grease glorious grease! everything in moderation i spose.. but of late, i've gone off BKT;) dunno why..

thenomadGourmand said...

WAh! so good? Time fr me to go try!

qwazymonkey said...

Ahh... so many missed opportunity and I've yet to makan here. Must force my kawans to go there very very soon. Lucky i just finished lunch, if not i'll be so so so so hungry

Anonymous said...

I just want to say not all MSK shop is good!!! Be careful of the one in TAMAN SENTOSA KLANG!

Charged me and my friend so expensive! RM 35 for 2 people!! I asked them but no one reply me! I think bcz they wanna take revenge. I politely comment that my bowl's meat smell very strong, maybe spoilt ady bcz my friend's smell OK. They almost sound like scold me. So embarassing!!!! I also din't make noise.

The service is super lousy too. All the staff also like boss! no one care about anything!!!

First & LAST!!!