Monday, September 13, 2010

Restoran Annie1 Kopitiam @ Damansara Utama PJ

PJ is nothing short of good food to eat - those who practically live in this area their entire lives would agree with me indefinitely :) and given PJ has attained its "bandaraya" status, the second city to achieve so after KL (duh!)... many business has shifted/expanded from other states to PJ in order to capitalise (or serve) on the highly populous city.

This restaurant cum kopitiam is one of the latest to set up business is this busy commercial area of Uptown. The "famous menglembu wanton mee" printed on the awning piqued my interest. For one, I have never been to Menglembu in Perak before and secondly, I wonder if the wanton mee served here can compete with my all-time favourite (747 Kopitiam in Aman Suria). FYI, I have passed this place several times and noticed that it is almost packed everytime. Both Jenn & I could not agree on what to have for breakfast on Sunday (12/9) and suddenly this place came across my mind. She was hesitant at first but after much persuasion, she gave in.

Arriving around 8.30am, there were already a few families enjoying the breakfast. I noticed a smile on Jenn's face, as the place was airy and cool (unlike 747) which was perfect for Sher Ryn to enjoy her meal together with us. If you notice, there are more small tables compared to the big ones. I reckon that the owner's main business came from the office workers in this area who usually come in a group of 2-5, hence the arrangement.

Menu was simple with A4 sized laminated paper with food list on the front and drink list at the back.

Our drinks comprised of Ipoh White Coffee Ice for me and Teh-C for Jenn. One sip of the white coffee and my eyes lit up. Definitely not one of those diluted coffee normally served in those cheapo kopitiam who only care to maximise profit. A good cuppa coffee is very important to me to enjoy breakfast :) but Jenn's Teh-C was so so only.

My plate of Wanton Mee with Char Siew and Wanton @ RM5.20 came shortly after. One bite was all it took to send me to heaven. I don't know if they ever toss the noodle high up in the air to drain the excess moisture or even put it through cold bath, but the noodle texture was springy. The char siew was tender and had the melt-in-the-mouth experience. Crunchy cabbage (with a hint of sesame oil) was thrown in together with a bowl of wanton soup. Not the best wanton that I've ever tasted but good enough!

I was so engrossed in my plate of wanton mee that I forgot to take a picture of Jenn's choice of English Breakfast which made up of 2 fried egg, toast, 2 pcs of bacon, baked beans and pork sausage (yes! it's pork and not chicken). Costing RM11, both of us thought that it was slightly expensive but on the other side, everything was not so oily plus the crispy bacon & pork sausage.

Leo's verdict - paging J2kfm, if you read this... do you know where this place is located in Menglembu?? Have you ever tried at their original outlet there? Good thing is that I don't have to go all to Perak just to try this. Starting at RM4 for a plate of wanton mee (minus the char siew), no wonder this kopitiam is a success in Uptown. Definitely give 747's char siew a run for its money.

No.20, Jalan SS 21/58,
Damansara Utama, PJ

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thenomadGourmand said...

The "famous menglembu wanton mee" got my interest too..but i nvr actually tried it!
One day one day..

qwazymonkey said...

I often chead here for lunch and my regular order consist of Dry Curry Lai Fun with Char Siu and Creme Caramel. :)

It's our regular lunch place.

vialentino said...

wow...looks good...sumore at DU only...nearby....i saw this restaurant before but did not give a try...will go and try...

~Christine~Leng said...

with hints of sesame oil? yum. i luv sesame oil. making me crave for a plate of wanton noodle now.

Bangsar-bAbE said...

I have yet to try this place. I didn't want to go there because it's really, really noisy during weekday lunches.

I'll make it a point to drop by on a weekend. Since I spotted curry laksa in the menu. ;)

Sean said...

I didn't even realize menglembu was in perak! I would have guessed Negri sembilan!
Ya, I bet it would take us three years to try to eat at every outlet in pj... Actually maybe more than three years, even if we ate there every evening...

eiling lim said...

wah i must go and try and see if it could rival the wanton noodles that I tried in my hometown in Ipoh.

PureGlutton said...

The famous Menglembu wantan mee - possibly the night stall in the town centre? I'll hv to try this one out to know whether it's the same as Menglembu's! ;-)

babe_kl said...

nice concept of kopitiam that serves nice "english" breakfast with real bacon!

thule a.k.a leo said...

becky - one day??? not that hard since you are at unka's house most of the time right?

qwazymonkey - and yet you have not blogged about this place :P good things have to be shared!

vialentino - since it's near ur office.. wait for ur blog soon ok?

christine - will it be far from where you live?

bangsar babe - tell me how it fares

Sean - bad Geography knowledge.. LOL!!! once in a while venturing to PJ can be fruitful :)

eiling - alrighty

pureglutton - gee.. i dunno! u tell me lor

babe_kl - yup! I will go for the bacon again next time.. although it's a bit expensive

J2Kfm said...

Sorry thule, slightly late.
J2Kfm to the rescue? :)

Anyway, Menglembu has two famous wantan mee stalls. One inside a shop, and another a stall in the evenings on Wai Sek Kai (Glutton Street). Not sure this one related to which, but maybe ... just maybe they're using the name loosely?

qwazymonkey said...

Bro, I don't want to be "workin" too when I'm having lunch. :) It's the only sane hour away from any sort of work and I intend to enjoy it.

Plus, i think u'll have nothing much to say about something you eat almost everyday right? :P

thule a.k.a leo said...

j2kfm - maybe :)

qwazymonkey - LOL! I still whip out my camera to take pictures when I'm having lunch with customers :P of course those customers I have known for long time! But I thought that our passion is food and we should spread the happiness around!

jason said...

Hey, my office is just nearby!

The char siew is not the best I had before but I appreciate the fact that they use half lean and half fat :)

Anonymous said...

Don't order Teh C it's tasteless and sweet....spoilt my breakfast mood!