Monday, August 9, 2010

Best o Chien ever @ Everyday Foodcourt, Pusat Bandar Puchong

I'm going to reveal my favourite place to savour a good plate of O Chien or oyster omelette in Puchong. Until today, I have yet to find a place that can match this particular small stall located in a foodcourt in Puchong. Back to my life in Puchong which was sometime between 2000-2006, I came to this foodcourt at least 3-4 times a week. What's not to like about this foodcourt? With the temperature hovering around 28 degree Celcius at night, it's a perfect place to dine alfresco style albeit in a noisy environment - people chattering like in pasar malam, the sound came from the nearby speakers. Those were also the times when I'd buy DVD from the peddlers.. yeah I know that they were pirated but I couldn't afford genuine ones.

Anyway, back to the topic shall we? Everyday Foodcourt is located in Pusat Bandar Puchong which is further down from IOI Business Park. If you know where SP Setia Office in Puchong is, the foodcourt is conveniently located right next to the building.

There is an adjoining furniture plaza next to the foodcourt itself.

This huge foodcourt has 2 sections:
1) Covered; and

2) Open-air section

It has almost everything that you might be looking for while eating here... magazines & newspaper vendor, and traditional Chinese pastries that are very hard to find nowadays!

While there are a lot of food stalls to choose from in this foodcourt, there is a stall that I have never failed to order everytime I came here. I introduce my all time favourite O Chien stall to you! Of course, looking at the picture, you'd notice that they also do fried carrot cake, lala and prawns too. What differentiates this particular stall from others is the crispy & crunchy mixture of the batter (flour & starch) and the egg. And let's not forget to mention that tasted GREAT!

The stall owner obliged to let me take pictures of him in action when I promptly informed him that I was going to introduce it in my website! starting with all the ingredients used to make this oyster omelette - starch, home made chilly sauce, chopped garlic, dark soy sauce and one secret sauce (I didn't ask)

Most of the oysters used were average.. about the size of 20 cents

First, he would pour the starch onto the sizzling hot wok.

Once the starch started to take shape, the egg was poured onto it

The batter would then be placed aside while he started to mix the ingredients that made the flavour of the O Chien oh-so-irresistable! Oysters were the last to be mixed into the gravy.

As a result? A plate of delicious oyster omelette ready to be feasted!

I also ordered a plate of Fried lobak from the same stall. From the picture it might looked dry but don't get deceived by it's look. Enough wok hei and packed with flavour too!

Bah Kut Teh @ RM19.80 - mushroom, taufu pok, cabbage, intestines and pork belly were thrown in and cooked together. The herbal taste was quite strong so for those who enjoy this, it's worth a try.

forget about the yaw char koay though...

Leo's verdict - the O Chien stall only operates from evening onwards. Parking shouldn't be hard to find around this area. Crispy batter + flavourful oyster = winning recipe!

P.S: Non-halal

Disclaimer: 1) I'm not paid to promote/endorse any particular event, restaurant or person in this blog. ALL are based on my unbiased personal opinion. 2) My reviews are based on my personal taste and preference and therefore may vary for others.


Sean said...

ooh, i've actually driven past this place before, while trying to find another outlet in puchong. the name and the size of this food court were quite memorable :D
the oh chien looks really good. not as "flat" as the usual ones in other hawker places. and of course, a stall that ONLY operates at night is my kind of place, heheh.
i used to love oh chien back when i was growing up in malacca too ... there used to be some really good ones there, near the seaside areas. dunno if they're still there, since i last had them in the early '90s

thenomadGourmand said...

Nice! I luv the "drier" form of kuay kak as it means less oil! Hahaa

I havent seen such plump oysters! oh my..time to food haunt ard Puchong..

Bangsar-bAbE said...

Looks delish! And the oysters look promisingly juicy. ;)

J said...

I always have problems ordering orr chien because I only like the egg and not the orr... :)

Paranoid Android said...

Oooh! Puchong. Another place to discover. Definitely need GPS to get there. For Yummy Or Chien, I will definitely try to find it.

qwazymonkey said...

Oooh that oyster looks drool worthy. Yummms. I want some now

eiling lim said...

wow the oysters are really big leh! Hey you cannot afford original DVDs? Oh come on!

vialentino said...

hey bro...good recommendation, me and wife love the o-chien by this stall...we used to dine at this foodcourt before bandar puteri puchong filled with restaurants ... very good o-chien u can find in klang valley. i used to like a stall selling spicy pan mee too...dunno still there a not.

if u want a better taste than down to Melaka next time and will tell u.

PureGlutton said...

I love or chien! This place is worth checking out - next trip to Puchong!

PerutBesi said...

It's so near my current office! Will head there sometime this week after work to try it...yums! Me likey o chien!! :P

foodbin said...

so this is the place-definitely will go and try it.

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Wow. A sight for sore eyes. (the oyster omelette) I have no idea how to find this place though. :-(

vialentino said...

enuff ramadhan buffet for me world hotel is the last one for me...rejected renaissance and nikko ... else my tummy will keep on growing, prefer street food like urs ... hahaha.

hv a nice weekend.

UnkaLeong said...

Wow the "O" looks really huge!

Anonymous said...

o nice foodcourt,i am the regular customer here also.many food to choose.