Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Restoran Tanjung Dua @ Bandar Manjalara Kepong

Kepong is nothing short of good places to eat. For those who are familiar with this area, I'm pretty sure that you would agree with me. The only thing that you need to equip is navigation skill. These days, we are so lucky because names like Garmin, Papago, etc have made our lives easier - simply key in the address and there will be voice that will guide until you reach the intended destination. This is far cry from less than 10 years ago where I relied solely on my gut instinct or local's guide to get to a particular place.

Kepong was one of the earliest place that I used to go when I first came to KL in late 90s. At that time, there was no MRR2 or LDP that made our lives so much easier these days. I still remember how I hitched a ride on my cousin's Yamaha SS110 to the previously Fajar Kepong. Back in those years, roller-skating was very popular :P then another factor is Jenn! Yes, it's always about Jenn :) she used to live with her aunt in Bandar Manjalara. Naturally, I had to find my way through unfamiliar roads from Subang - Jalan Kuching - Kepong! (P.S: don't forget that LDP and MRR2 didn't exist in the 90s) Traffic was a nightmare everytime I drove there but it was worth it! Just the thought of spending even an hour or two with her was sufficient to brave through the congested roads in Kepong. There was a time I took almost 2.5hours to reach her house... all in the name of LOVE!

Now I know most (if not all) of the roads in Kepong after paying all the necessary fees in the form of petrol and toll charges. So when I took her out for breakfast, she would bring me to nearby restaurants. One of her favourite place for breakfast was Tanjung Dua. Coming here on weekdays or even weekends, you will notice a lot of hawker style restaurants operating. Tables and chairs are placed inside and outside to the extent occupying the parking spots for vehicles.

She loved this place for 2 reasons:

1) the famous "Sin Lui San Fa" (Cantonese) which translate to Angels spreading flower in English. Don't ask me the origin of this drink because this name has been used for so many years by this restaurant. It is actually cham (mixture of coffee and tea) but you'd notice two layers with coffee on top and tea at the bottom. I like this drink a lot and so did Jenn but lately the quality has not been consistent.

2) Pork noodle - as famous as Restoran Pomander's version among Kepong residents. Waiting time can get as long as an hour during weekends! HOwever, this place offers the dry version of pork noodle which tasted as good as the soup.

Normally I'd order something else so I could enjoy her pork noodle while eating mine. Their char koay teow (CKT) was not bad - full of wok hei, generous on the amount of cockles & fresh prawns!

And have you ever tried Chinese version of Western food??? LOL! No offense to Italian food lovers but Chinese have their own way to prepare pasta with new twist :P this is the stir fried version spaghetti with bird eye chilly and garlic; 2 pieces of bacons (tasted good but a bit oily) and sunny side up. Somehow I love the taste of the pasta.. hmmmm was it because I love Chinese food?

Leo's verdict - not bad for a place to enjoy breakfast without having to break the wallet. Since the weather is moderately cool in the morning, I love coming here just to have a glass of "Sin Lui San Fa". Located on the same row as the famous "Hennesy Loh Mee" of Restoran Wei Sun (Jalan 9/62A in Bandar Manjalara). It's not easy to find this place if you are not familiar with Kepong so make sure that you have a GPS in hand!


Sean said...

gosh, i really should utilize my papago. i hardly ever turn it on!
the pasta looks good. i can imagine breaking the egg yolk (if it's soft enough) and mixing it with the spaghetti, and then eating it in one mouthful with the bacon! can throw away the cucumber slices though, heheh

J said...

Pasta for breakfast? Isn't it a bit heavy?

vialentino said...

must try their hennesy loh mee one day...never try it before...

qwazymonkey said...

Wahliu! Uncharted territories! LOL

vialentino said...

yeah...in front of 7-11....u know that place....i google and cant find any info of it

CUMI & CIKI said...

love this area for food! again u never call c&C.. chisssss :P

eiling lim said...

I'm not good with Kepong nor am I good with navigation skills so I'll never be able to eat here! :(

Duckie said...

looks not bad. will try it someday =)

thule a.k.a leo said...

sean - LOL! I doubt that you'd like this version though!

J - I have hearty breakfast everytime!

vialentino - what r u waiting for?

qwazymonkey - waiting for you to chart it :P

cumi&ciki - sorry loh.. Jenn & I were on the way back to Lipis that morning

eiling - who said that?? There's always something we called friends :P

duckie - try it and tell me how it fares

eiling lim said...

ok i'll go look for friends with good navi skills then

babe_kl said...

eeek funny i went to this place yesterday hahaha and we both discovered the char siu and siew yuk are extremely nice!!! yumyum