Friday, June 18, 2010

DARN!!! And I thought that my town is safe!

I always read news on the houses that were robbed or broken into, where the house owners lost their valuables. I also used to think that those people were really unfortunate to face those predicaments, but I never really gave it a serious thought that my house was also at risk. That is, until it was broken into for the first time last night (my very first experience with theft).

My house is located in a neighbourhood where a lot of cops are living there. That is why the thought of my house being broken into never crossed my mind (seriously). There is also one kindergarten which is located directly opposite my house which practically make the area a rather busy one. And yet I miscalculated... I totally forgotten about the concept of work & holiday. Work - the cops still have to work and not stay at home. Holiday - it's school holiday and most people have taken leave to bring their children on vacation. That makes my house vulnerable to those buggers.

We were returning home from my in-law's place after dinner around 8pm and the first thing that Jenn asked when I parked my car was "Hey! Why didn't you lock the door?" My very first instinct was "S**T"!!! I dashed into the house just to find the place was ransacked... total mess! First thing to do was to check on the loss... jewellery and some cash were missing! Important documents were fortunately left untouched.

A careful look at the aluminium grill revealed that it was prised open by force

The cupboard where the valuables were stored was ransacked!

All the cabinets were not spared too...

The door was dusted by the police to check on the fingerprint!

It took me whole night just to make report at the police station. It pays to have connection with the police force, as they were more efficient and faster to get evidence at the house. After collecting fingerprints, taking photos and recording our statements - I have to tell you, ala CSI-style :) of course, do not expect the likes of David Caruso and Gary Sinise lah! They left.. and then we cleaned up the house.

Later at night...

I couldn't sleep... my eyes were wide opened, imagining on what would it be like if we were at home at that time. With a steel rod by my side (precautionary move), I was worried that they might come back again. Then I realised that rushed into the house without checking if the thieves were still inside, jeopardising my family's safety. I was so concerned with the loss at that time...

Then I looked at my wife and Sher Ryn who were sleeping soundly by my side. I gently stroked my daughter's hair and thanked God that she's alright! Things that are lost can be earned back, but there is only one life. We were so pre-occupied with other things in our lives.

P.S: Next time I'm going to do is to install alarm system. I don't feel save and secure anymore after this incident.

Family safety is always the first! How often we forget that! :)


Sean said...

yikes! a robbery before 8pm ... that's awfully bold of them. it's true though, that the most important thing is that all of you are safe...
i suppose u don't have any hope that the police will catch them and retrieve your valuables...

UnkaLeong said...

Thank goodness you and your family are ok. Hopefully the police can nab the thieves. No grill door bro?

J said...

I'm glad to hear that the 3 of you are safe but still... :( :( :(
(Stupid thieves!)

babe_kl said...

sorry to hear this but thank goodness you guys were not in.

thenomadGourmand said...

I think they may have "investigate" your house for a while already.
I mean u guys were out for dinner only rite?
A few hours at most.
An alarm system, some grills, and more locks might help.

And yes, thank God u guys were unharmed!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

to do b4 8pm, they must hav been watching out on u for awhile. happened to my neighbour too!

Chaokar said...

ack ! glad the family is fine.
time to consider guard dogs too

Amelia said...

Thank God you and your family is alright. Imagine your wife and kid at home during the break-in. It happened to me before few weeks after our wedding. Imagine the wedding gifts that were all stolen. We were staying at our in-laws, a corner unit which makes thing easier. Plus our neighbourhood is rather quiet. I felt violated after that.

Yeah, install an alarm system.

CUMI & CIKI said...

zomg!! poor u.. hope ur family is ok.. damn teruk man! lucky u know the cops otherwise another headache waiting for them to get their act together. did the thieves get a lot ??

thule a.k.a leo said...

Sean - never expect them to be that efficient actually :) but it's a formality that I had to do.. luckily important documents like Sher Ryn's birth cert, my marriage cert and others were not stolen, if not I'd cry as I have to spend a lot of time to do all of those again!

unkaleong - the grill door was the one kena kopek lah :) it's aluminium made so easy to be prised open! So now I add extra lock

J - what to do?? the world is not safe anymore!

babe_KL - yeah! thank goodness

becky - that's exactly what I'm going to do! NOt going to risk being broken into again

joe - I agree with you bro! The police said that they have a clue on who did that but I really doubt them

chaokar - ah.. don't wanna starve the dog to death :) i love dogs, but no time to take care of them

amelia - I feel you amelia :)

cumi&ciki - nah.. some jewellery and cash! but I have to fix the broken grill, sliding door.. and then add alarm and thief-proof lock!

Bangsar-bAbE said...

Good to know everyone's safe. I suspect the robbers have been watching your activities de. Sigh...people these days.

Best to install the alarm system ASAP. Hang in there!

kampungboycitygal said...

omg BU is getting bad!! yeah glad that u and ur family were not home that time. :)

eiling lim said...

so sorry to hear that. Luckily you guys are safe and that's the most important. usually the police won't and can't do anything.

m i c h e L L e 晓婷 said...

Hi! you've worked with Uncle Don before I supposed?

Impressive blog!

thule a.k.a leo said...

bangsar-babe - I will :) don't worry

kampungboycitygal - it's actually my Lipis house :P

eiling - yeah I know that! Just a formality :)

michelle - thanks michelle! yeah I had worked with Uncle Don before fr 02-05 :) and you are???

m i c h e L L e 晓婷 said...

I'm eugene's girlfriend. :)
I've seen you before, few occasions at his house :D