Monday, June 21, 2010

Char Siew Zhai @ Jalan PJU 1/3F SunwayMas PJ

In the past, Aman Suria area (part of Kampung Chempaka) or Dai Gong as the Chinese call it.. was famous for its gangsterism activities. By the way, I'm just saying what my friend (who lives in PJ all his life) told me. You would still notice the Chinese Village on the left and right before you reach commercial area of Aman Suria from Lebuh Bandar Utama. Just be careful while driving here, as most cars were driven by the aunties without looking left or right (they tend to zoom across the road despite I'm less than 10 metres from the junction) while the motorcyclists are still without helmet.

Nowadays, Aman Suria is famous for another reason - char siew!! Well, at least among the food bloggers. If you think that Ming Kee's char siew is the best, then you have got to come and try the char siew here. only then you can give the final verdict. I don't know about you but I think that 747's version of char siew is the one to beat (for now) followed closely by FSF's and Ming Kee's (but it's just me).

Since everyone was raving on Char Siew Zhai's noodle, it was only a matter of time before I came here. And since I live nearby, a drive to Aman Suria on weekend morning is a breeze. Parking is even easier!

Only a few tables were occupied and I got to choose a table directly under the fan (can't risk making my daughter sweats). Menu was simple with a piece of laminated A3 paper.

Didn't manage to take picture of the foreign workers tossing the noodle high up in the air though, as I was busy feeding Sher Ryn. From what I know, the noodle is boiled before going through a cold bath to retain its springy-ness. Then the worker will throw the noodle up in the air and catch as it falls down to make sure that the moisture is well-drained.

BBQ Pork Wantan Noodle @ RM4 - Jenn normally would go for light breakfast and therefore, a simple plate of wantan mee with char siew is enough.

Combo roast meat noodle @ RM7 - I asked for combination of char siew and siew yoke to go with my wantan mee. Frankly the noodle was great, perhaps one of the best I've ever tried. Their char siew was good & decent but far behind if they were to be compared to 747 and FSF. Siew yoke?? Forget it... maybe I'll try other offering next time.

Leo's verdict - Simply put it... the noodle was very springy and even those picky eaters would think the same. One thing that I love the most is that the place is air-conditioned which is a plus point. Pickled chilly was not good while the beverage was below standard so you can consider to bring your own drink :P lastly, if you were to ask me, I would still go back to 747... as I have yet to find a better char siew that can surpass 747's benchmark. 747's noodle even though not as springy, it was good enough. What I'm looking for is the slightly charred caramelised piece of pork belly that will melt in my mouth. Occasionally, I would order their curry mee as it was good too!!! Google 747 char siew and you would find many blogs on this place... even though I have to beg to differ on Becky's view that FSF's char siew was better :P guess that everyone's taste bud is different!



Sean said...

i was in aman suria during dinnertime last week on tuesday, and it was quite tricky to navigate the streets and look for certain restaurants because there was so much traffic and so many streets were one-way only. i got honked (for driving slowly) three times in just 10 minutes!
i still haven't checked out most of the popular outlets in aman suria though. this one sounds worthwhile ... though ya, the siew yoke looks meaty but a bit dry...

J2Kfm said...

Right on. The noodles at Char Siew Zhai are good, almost the best and they dont come in skimpy portions.

But the char siew ... oklah, slightly too lean for my liking.

J said...

Yeah, you have to be careful of the drivers around that area (I have had many mini heart attacks around the little roundabout there)... but I think generally, every road in KL is more or less like that.

thenomadGourmand said...

I have yet to try this one!
I like the noodles (as what I can see from the pic), cos it looks smooth and soft (i like my noodles tht way).

Oh, lets go to Toast and Roast one day.
Me and Unka liked it.

eiling lim said...

now i feel like having a bowl of char siew wantan mee at 11pm. so bad la u.... I wanna eat!!

foodbin said...

The noodles are handmade in their Paramount Garden HQ.

vialentino said...

hi hi...tried here...not bad thou....nice to meet u

thule a.k.a leo said...

Sean - it's normal when you are not familiar with the roads there :) I did exactly the same when I ventured into unfamiliar territory. Don't care who blasted their horn la.. as long as I didn't break the law, I just don't give a damn!

j2kfm - agree bro!

J - LOL! Luckily the mini heart attacks didn't kill u huh???

becky - no problemo :) wait till u come back fr Bangkok ok?

eiling - LOL! Who asked you to read my blog at 11pm???

foodbin - yeah.. i know :)

vialentino - nice to meet u too :)

CUMI & CIKI said...

LOL, i've been here before.. tis so-so :P