Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ah Tuan Ee @ The Curve PJ

Despite knowing its existence for the longest time, Jenn & I have never seemed managed to make it here. That was, until one particular day when I was feeling a bit adventurous that both of us decided to give it a try. Nyonya food was normally not in my highest priority when it comes to dining out.

We didn't know what to eat when we arrived at The Curve one Friday evening. Then we spotted Ah Tuan Ee's as we crossed over from IKANO Power Centre using the overhead bridge. Lazy to venture further, both of us decided to try this out.

Interior was done Peranakan style... but I reckon more towards Oriental style!

Pineapple fish @ RM20.80 - Fish slices topped with pineapple and sweet & sour sauce. Comfort dish but I thought that the fish slice was rather big . It would be perfect it was smaller :) the Pineapple provided a sweet note to the dish.

Perut Ikan @ RM16.80 - one of Penang's favourite! Concoction of 12 different vegetables & herbs, with prawns and fish maw, cooked to perfection as a spicy, sweetish, sourish, soupy and truly aromatic dish. Let me see how to put it... the gravy tasted just like asam laksa. From its outlook, it looked just like rojak sayur-sayuran but I have to say this.. not everyone appreciate perut ikan so it's more like an acquired taste!

Stir fried brinjal with sambal @ RM11.80 - a simple and flavourful dish but not memorable.

Fried sotong @ RM18.80 - fried squid rings coated with spicy flour & served with sweet chilly sauce. The squid rings were lightly battered with curry-like powder before deep fried, resulting in a delightful crunchy dish. Loved it to the bits! I cleaned almost 80% of the plate :P

Leo's verdict - Overall our dinner was satisfactory. The supervisor was very helpful in recommending the dishes to us even though I didn't ask for any. Dishes were served rather fast and cleaned up as fast too... LOL! Just remember to try the fried sotong ok?


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

should tapau fried sotong for watching football!

UnkaLeong said...

Laffs at Joe's comment. If I wanna eat Nonya food, I just call mom to let her know 1 week in advance. Eventhough she's not Nonya, her cooking style leans towards it. She balks whenever we order Jiu Hu Char outside.

J said...

Mmmm... all I remember from the last time I ate at Ah Tuan Ee is the sotong - yummy! :)

Sean said...

i remember the first time i ever tried perut ikan a few years back. was kinda disappointed cos i didn't expect it to be minced/chopped so much. in the end, we weren't sure which part was the perut ikan in the dish, cos it all seemed like sayur :D but all in all, i do like nyonya food, heheh...

thenomadGourmand said...

I hv yet to find a good plc for Nyonya food.. ehh..wait.. i did tell u abt tis nyonya plc in atria right?

eiling lim said...

I've been there once and i like the glass noodles. It's actually quite expensive.

PureGlutton said...

I'll remember the sotong if I eat here, hehe! Looks very crunchy!

miss mokhtar said...

Love ur food review!
But could you also add detail whether these places are halal/otherwise

TX! looking forward to the nx.

thule a.k.a leo said...

joe - hahaha! u should... but u r staying in Sg. Besi wor :P

unkaleong - of course la.. if ur mom knows how to make this dish, she wouldn't want u to eat outside

J - same here :)

Sean - fortunately, I could taste some of the perut ikan. I agree that the trace of perut ikan seems little in the dish though

becky - no lah.. u didn't :(

eiling - hmmm.. maybe i can try that next time

pureglutton - try it, and u'll love it

miss mokhtar - thanks! will put a note in the end to state whether it's halal or not.. some places might not serve pork but I can't guarantee of the halal-ness