Thursday, May 20, 2010

King Crab @ SS25/2 Kelana Jaya

Seafood! One cannot help but to associate this magic word with the Chinese. After all, it's our insatiable appetite that drives the price of seafood to a new height! Most of the time, wherever we go to dine there will be at least one seafood dish on the table. Rather than "what kind of seafood that you eat?", I think that the correct question to ask is "what kind of seafood that you don't eat?" LOL!

For those who live in PJ area, we are truly blessed with so many seafood restaurants. From those small restaurants scattered all around, we also have those humongous ones that occupy a plot of land or simply a few shoplots at a stretch. King Crab Seafood Restaurant is definitely one of them as it occupy 5 shoplots including one corner lot. For those who claim that they have never seen this place before, they must have been blind :P I mean, how could possibly one miss such a huge signboard? Highly visible along the LDP, it is located directly opposite Kelana Jaya Putra LRT Station.

But I have to say that I am not a regular diner here, it's just that I make annual pilgrimage here for the seasonal Shanghai Hairy Crab. I'm not going to dwell much into the details on these delectable crabs, as most of you have probably read on other celebrity bloggers' posts. Jenn & I have made a pact between us that we will come here at least once a year to feast on the crustaceans. I mean, we would invite our relatives or friends to dine together as the more people the merrier. Plus we can afford to order more dishes to eat rather than restricted by a few dishes only. But if no one cares to join, we would still honour the pact we've made.

We noticed this promotion board which was placed at the front entrance. As we were not planning to eat poultry, I could utilise the 10% discount on the food.

We arrived around 6.30pm and therefore, the dinner crowd had not started to pour in.. YET!

All the hairy crabs on display, shouting "Come and save us from miseries! Eat us! We're fed up for being chilled for such a long time!" As I've read that the roe (or is it sperm?) of the male is creamier compared to the female counterpart, we opted for the males of course. Priced at RM38, RM78 and RM108 for the small, medium and large respectively.. and being a stingy diner, I went for the small ones.

Chinese tea is a must in order to wash all the cholesterol and oil in body system :P

Dipping sauce for the crabs! If you order the crabs, they normally will serve you this greenish spicy sauce. I was hooked on my first visit and it is a must have on the table everytime I come back here.

For our starter, we had the fresh raw oyster priced at RM8 each! This is how I eat my oyster. A squeeze of lemon juice on the oyster and a few drips of the hot Tabasco sauce and it's good to go!

The highlight of the evening arrived shortly after! Both lined up, ready to be dissected.

First, they would separate the shell from its body.

Using a small pair of scissors, they would expertly separate most of the body parts.

Look at that ROE!!! I was drooling just at the sight of the orange coloured roe.

Close up... tempted already?

Complimentary ginger tea which I love sooooo much to counter the cold effect of crab meat. In the end, Jenn & I had another round of the hairy crabs :) true to what they said, the roe/sperm of the male crab was creamier and sweeter compared to the female crab.

Apart from the crabs, I also ordered Guinness Pork Ribs which was a letdown. The ribs were not fried long enough and as a result, the inner meat was still raw and very tough to chew. I asked the supervisor to come over, complained and asked them to refund on this dish.

Stir fried vegetables with garlic was great! Plump, fresh and very juicy.

Baked sotong with creamy butter was another winner! The lightly battered squid were perfectly deep fried, resulting in crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Leo's verdict - I know! The blog came out very late but like I said before, I was both busy and lazy to post frequently. Too many things happened lately and I tried my very best to update at the rate of twice a week (at least once a week). It's already May and the Shanghai Hairy Crab won't reach our shore again at least until October. So who wanna join Jenn & I for MOU HAI (no pun intended... lol!) session this year???


Sean said...

i'm usually scared to order seafood whenever i see "market price" on the menu :D
ok, time to start counting down ... just 4 more months to hairy crab season, not long at all! :D

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

so did they refund u for the ribs?

UnkaLeong said...

I think they don't run the promotion anymorelor. Give us a buzz if you are going, see if becks is keen to join :D

eiling lim said...

oh you had the mitten crabs. Nice! I like their salted egg sotong... so yummy hor?!!

foodbin said...

Now the food quality is not so good.

Jason said...

Their seafood still okay, but other meat dishes seems rather dissapointing. Late better than never!

CUMI & CIKI said...

i love this stuff. u do know it's the SPERM rite?! :P

Wilson & Rachel said...

Heard abt it, my mom was bragging abt this place a few years back. Nevr tried it before. Seafood looks good.

~Christine~Leng said...

i wan! have yet to step into this place ;P

Bangsar-bAbE said...

Invite me next time. It's about time I met you lar...we ding dong ding dong on each other's blog so long de!!