Thursday, March 25, 2010

Grandmama's @ Pavilion KL

P.S: I am trying to clear all the back logs as soon as possible... as there are too many pictures in my thumb drive and they are driving me crazy!

I think the first time that I ever heard about Grandmama was through Sean's blog (don't ask me when because it was so long already). Intriqued by his raving on the sang har hor fun... I'd made plan to have lunch here with my family, of course which would be on weekends. Planning a trip to downtown KL has never been easy as Sher Ryn could only stay awake for 4 hours top before she got grumpy and started crying (which broke my heart to see her like this). Therefore, we changed her and chucked her into the car immediately when she woke up from morning nap. And when we arrive there, we still had the luxury to shop for a while before it was time to feed her. Yes, her priority is the highest!

Back to Grandmama's - I had actually gone there twice before I posted this up :P on both occasion I actually forgot to bring my trusted camera and therefore, I only used iPhone (forgive me for the not-so-clear pictures). Related to Madam Kwan, I had high hope on their food. From the look outside, I had a good feeling on Grandmama's already

The restaurant is huge, everything looked clean and tidy... most importantly, not too cramped!

Loved the soft lightings!

Sang har hor fun cost RM10 less compared to the RM29 price-tag for sang har meen (deep fried crispy noodle) which made me wonder why the difference was so extreme. Anyway, the hor fun was silky smooth (thank god) and the broth was laden with richness & sweetness of prawn roe.. simply a bliss! The succulent and big freshwater prawn was cut into two to make it easier to devour the firm meat. Boy I felt like ordering the second bowl of this dish!

Their curry mee was commendable as well!! The curry broth was not too thick nor thin and burst with flavour. With fresh ingredients used, there can be no mistake here.

Their fried rice had enough wok hei and the accompanying fresh & crispy lettuce was just as good!

Another dish that got thumbs up from us was the wat tan hor... the eggy gravy that was poured on top of the flat noodles was lip-smackingly delicious. Fresh choy sam, prawns and chicken slices complete the whole dish!

Leo's verdict - Jenn & I felt comfortable dining at Grandmama's. Best of all, Sher Ryn seemed to like this place too :) the next time I'm in Pavilion and feeling hungry, this place will definitely top my list.


UnkaLeong said...

Can you believe I have not eaten here yet? Headed down to pavillion this Sunday. Must Try!

qwazymonkey said...

Glad you liked the place! It's yumz!

Unka: come we lunch here one day when I'm there

Sean said...

yeah, i still like this place! some of the side dishes are worth ordering too, but my favorites are still the sang har meen & sang har hor fun ... though one of these days, we really should ask them why the crispy noodles are so much more expensive than the hor fun! :D

J said...

Wah. Cannot be that egg noodles = +10 ringgit, right?
(What kind of super expensive eggs are they using?? Haha...)

CUMI & CIKI said...

great shots thule! the ambiance looks really nice. also, RM10 for SHM ?? wow.. must go la..

J2Kfm said...

I think he meant Rm10 less than RM29, ciki ... but seriously, this place looks tempting.
Esp located at such a strategic location.

thule a.k.a leo said...

unka - you'll love it!

qwazymonkey - comfy and homy... of course I like it!

Sean - yeah u should :)

J - gee.. i dunno! will wait for sean

cumi&ciki - u haven't gone there yet???

j2kfm - since u r in KL often, perhaps u should try it one weekend ok??? wait for your post

foodbin said...

great looking SH mee.

PureGlutton said...

I have passed by the place but never stepped inside it yet! Somehow, when in Pavillion, there're other food distractions, hehe! Must go & try that Hor Fun soon since so many ppl are raving about it!

thenomadGourmand said...

u got unka all excited now ;)
For me, i only wan to try the durain thingy -plc Boo blogged abt

kampungboycitygal said...

haha so u can never have a meal that last more than 4 hr? ur lil princess is juz so cute, worth the sacrifices

eiling lim said...

Grandmama is opened by mdm kwan's daughter and the outlet is most famous for it's curry mee.