Monday, January 25, 2010

Time Goes By

I forgot to bring my Pen Drive into the office today therefore couldn't upload any new post. I was sooooooooooo darn exhausted with the travelling down to JB last weekend (let's not forget about the Krabi trip the previous weekend too). I knew that the trip down south would be tiring but when I received a call from Jenn informing me that Sher Ryn was down with high fever, I had to endure a gruelling 6 hours drive back to Kuala Lipis right after the wedding lunch in Danga Bay JB. That was not helping as I only slept for 2 hours++ the night before (Bachelor night mar...). My plan to go for Unkaleong's house warming in PJ in the evening & spend the night in BU before going back to Lipis refreshed on Sunday was dashed.

Actually Jenn told me that she could handle the situation but the fact that she was still sick didn't convince me much. She felt go guilty for making Sher Ryn sick. I knew that she wanted me to feel better so that I could have a good time at the housewarming but deep down inside, she wish that I was there. So I drove quite fast (it's over the legal speed limit ok?) to Unka's house in Damansara Jaya... took a short tour around his house and chatted with his family and Becky. It was 7pm when I started my journey back to Kuala Lipis.. exactly the time where Unka expected the guests to arrive. Sigh... I missed on the opportunity to meet with fellow bloggers but one has to have priority and mine is obviously family at the moment. Plus I want to see my baby daughter before she slept at 9.30pm. Luckily I went back home, as Sher Ryn's fever peaked at 40.1 Celcius which freaked Jenn out (she could use the husband's presence and reassurance that everything's gonna be alright). Update - the baby is OK now but Jenn is still sick so I am the one to feed the baby in the middle of the night.

Anyway, way out of topic :p BACK TO THE HEADLINE

Most of us have read this a lot, heard this a lot, and probably said this a lot too!

But how many of us actually gave this thought a lot???

I don't have particular preference in music - throw me everything whether they are R&B, house, sentimental, new age, pop, even techno/trance... I will like it as long as the music suits my taste. I love Japanese music - past, present and future... period! Never mind the fact that I don't understand Japanese. One particular group that I like is Every Little Thing. Not very popular I know... unlike Utada Hikaru or SMAP. Anyway, there's one song that I love the most - Time Goes By. Even though the song's title suggest what I'm about to say, it is also the music tune that plays the important part. Most of us have at least one (maybe more) song that makes our mind wander off.

I was driving one day when I heard this song... it really brought back a lot of memories.

Things that I'd done (whether it's right or wrong)... words that I'd said or uttered (intentionally or not) back to my college days. Believe me when I say that I used to be a very naive and innocent boy when I came to study in KL. Many things happened that led me to where and who I am today. I'm not perfect (who is anyway?) and frankly, I did a lot of things that I am not proud of but let's not dwell much into my dark secret ok? I was way out of the direction in life for a few years from year 2000-2004... in other word, I didn't know what I want in life. Apart from work, all my time was spent partying, flirting around and all the not-so-healthy stuff that you can possible think of. The situation didn't help when I went jobless for 6 months in 2002. I was going down deeper and deeper.

Then someone came to the rescue and I'm pretty sure that most of you know who she is :) yes, it was Jenn. If there is the case of saving the damsel in distress, I was the damsel :P Most of you still do not know the fact that she was my classmate during my secondary years. I'd been secretly in love with her for the longest time (I think she knew this fact even though she pretended to know nothing about this). After SPM, we went separate ways.. she was pursuing law degree locally while I went to NZ for my degree. Despite the distance, we managed to keep in touch throughout the years. Fate was definitely not in my favour (at that time) as either she was dating someone while I was single, I was dating someone while she was single, or both of us were dating someone else.

She had also given me the lemon twice on separate occasion without giving any specific reason for doing so. Later when we started dating then she told me that I was not matured enough in life (am I matured enough for you now honey?). On my 3rd attempt, she finally accepted my courtship (3rd time lucky I guess). My life took a change after that... it turned 180 degrees. Things started to become smoother and I learned to become a better person.

Hmmmm... wanted to write longer but time's up for the day. Maybe I will write more on my life next time... TIME GOES BY huh?? Lol... I mean I started to write at 4.30pm and now it's 5.00pm. Just kidding.. but you know what I'm trying to say here.

Anyone care to share their song here?


UnkaLeong said...

I'd Die Without You - P.M Dawn. No story behind this song, but it was the Slow Dance song to dance to when I was growing up ;) I believe in fate, if it happens, it does and there's just no explaining it. Gotsa give you some respect for your persistence though! Hehehe..

Sean said...

i just youtubed your song, am listening to it now. i don't think i've ever heard it before, but it's sounds like the kinda song used for those japanese/korean tv dramas =)
my song is probably roxette's "crash! boom! bang!" the lyrics really apply to my life between the ages of 17 and 23, when i fell deeply, deeply in love with a different person nearly every year, and it ended up in deep, deep disaster every time. :D
thanks for giving us a glimpse into your life. looking forward to hearing more! am glad too that u ended up with the love of the life =)

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Every man should aspire to be the loving husband and father that you are. Jenn and Sher Ryn are lucky girls indeed. :-)

J said...

Awwwww.... :) :)
*wipes away tear*
That's such a sweet story - thanks for sharing...

Paranoid Android said...

I like ELT's Time Goes by too. But the funked up Trance remix. Unfortunately, I am still messed up and the song did not give me any epiphanic enlightenment! Guess you have found somebody to love and love reciprocated is something so rare and beautiful.

Here's too Leo and Jenn! May both of you share a happy and wonderful life together for zillions of years!

babe_kl said...

hope both your gurls are better by now.

so it pays to be patient and persistent huh? :p

CUMI & CIKI said...

aww! you're such a great guy LEO .. dont change! LOL

our song is .. Janet Jackson's Together Again;)

will tell you why one day ler:P

~Christine~Leng said...

this is a great post Leo. I read betwenn the lines again and again. Haha. We sometimes can't escape fate in life and fate brought you and Jenn together after so many obstacles.
Just too many challenges in life and learning to enjoy it while overcoming them all, it's one good motivation and satisfaction. Leave the past and think only good memories. hehe.

You need some happy song here.
Happy Little Working Song suddenly pops into my mind! haha. I'm so into disney songs. pls don't say I'm immature. hoho

kampungboycitygal said...

ur the man leo! am so happy for you and your family