Monday, January 4, 2010

Best Char Siew ever!!!

You see... ever since I read about the potluck thingy from FBB's blog about this little known char siew stall located in Aman Suria, I'd been wanting to come for the longest time. There are not many places that serves melt-in-your-mouth kind of char siew. First of all, I had been to only one place.. Meng Kee in Jalan Alor KL but the place is too far from where I live and parking is usually a headache. Secondly, Aman Suria is like 5 min drive away from my house and traffic is a breeze on weekend morning.

One lovely Sunday morning, Jenn & I SNEAKED OUT of the house after Sher Ryn fell asleep. We had to be fast and finished eating our breakfast before Sher Ryn woke up from her 1 hour++ nap. We gave clear instruction to the maid to take good care of our little baby before both of us jumped into the car and headed to our intended destination. It didn't take too long before I spotted this sign.

Parking was relatively easy to find so I expected my brekkie to be a breeze and quick one... my joy was shortlived and instead greeted with this sight! Unbelieveable!!! I looked at my watch and it showed 8.15am... and I thought that we were early enough to beat the morning lazy Sunday crowd that normally came out around 9am. Sigh!! Jenn & I went separate ways to wait for tables and it took us a good 10 minutes before finding one. well, it's normal for any kopitiam to have brisk business if their food is good, we thought.

Only when I ordered the wantan mee with char siew that I realised that almost... I mean ALMOST everyone came to this kopitiam for the same stall! If that ain't bad enough... I had to queue behind the beeline just to make my orders as there were about 5-6 people in front of me.

After placing my order, I looked at Jenn who was seated 5 metres away who then nodded approvingly for me to continue taking pictures. Last time she used to complain that I always spending time to take pictures while she just sat there and did nothing but after a while, she finally understood my passion and gradually accepted it. The caramelised char siews were places in a stack of trays nearby the stall. FYI, the char siew which were hung at the stall ran out pretty quickly and had to be replenished from the those in the trays... a good indication on how good the char siew is :) I was drooling at the sight of those delectable stuff.

A simple oven were spotted next to the stall which was used to reheat the char siew...

The stall owner was very busy and never stopped preparing the orders which seemed neverending. He had his wife to take orders and 2 Indonesian maids to help out.

It took about 30 minutes before our orders finally came.. starting with the curry mee. This dish came highly recommended by the lady boss. They used egg noodles which was also used to make wantan mee. At first sight, the mee didn't took appetising as the broth looked diluted. One sip of the broth was all it took to WOW me. Even though it was not as thick as my favourite curry mee in Glenmarie, it still packed with flavours.. thumbs up! Apart from that, generous amount of cockles, long bean, taufu pok and of course.. char siew were given. Don't judge a book by its cover!

Wantan mee with char siew - frankly, if you came here for the noodles then you would be disappointed because the noodles even soft, was not springy compared to Char Siew Zhai's version. For me however, it was good enough.. more over my main purpose was for the char siew! As for the char siew, it was the BOMB! For health reason, I asked for lean meat with slight fat. Definitely the highlight of the meal...

Char siew up close

The wantan that came with the mee...

Leo's verdict - apart from the wantan mee stall, other stalls were seen swatting flies (just kidding but the business was not as good). I don't know whether the other food is good or not but so far we had tried their nyonya kuih and nasi lemak while waiting and we were disappointed. Even the coffee and tea were very dilute and bland. Expect to wait for tables during lunch time. Weekends? Pray hard :P however, the lady boss is very nice and she even tried to answer my questions.

The Place : SFS Kopitiam (747) @ Sunwaymas Commercial Centre, Aman Suria PJ


CUMI & CIKI said...

we love this plc. this was one of the 1st plc blogged on cumi&ciki when we first started blogging.. back when no one was reading:p nice one thule!

Sean said...

yikes! 8 a.m. is too early, even for a weekday! ya, the char siew looks a bit too lean, but i guess that's how u wanted it ... here's hoping they'll open a branch in the city someday; if not, the only chance i'll have is if someone tar paus for me. but between siew yoke and char siew, i think i'm a bigger fan of siew yoke :D

qwazymonkey said...

I love the Curry noodles and Char Siu there. Yumzzzz...but hate the crowd lah

Bangsar-bAbE said...

This is my favourite char siew place too! You didn't order extra char siew to go with your noodles?? T__T

UnkaLeong said...

30 minutes oklor. I think me and Becks must have waited about 45 minutes ;)

thenomadGourmand said...

what a coincidence ;), i hope to get my char siew post up today.. also all at aman suria!
Its like a char siew 'kai' (wai sik kai) here!

foodbin said...

will give it a try.

J said...

Is there a char siew theme this week? What a coincidence betw you and TNG's blog! :)

~Christine~Leng said...

gosh. after reading your post. I am even more convinced to check this place out! will order extra char siew for our noodles. yum. Hope we could secure a table during weekends ;P

thule a.k.a leo said...

cumi&ciki - thanks!!! can't get enough of the char siew

sean - if you like siew yoke, i know where to get good ones :) btw, go to Meng Kee in Jalan Alor to get your char siew fix la!

qwazymonkey - I think that if you go on Saturday, you will find it easier :) went there last Sat with my cousin and I was very surprised to get my char siew in less than 10 min

bangsar babe - first time NO! But second time RM10 extra worth of char siew :P

unkaleong - LOL! better luck next time.. try Sat ok?

becky - yup.. there are three places with good char siew I guess

foodbin - will wait for your post on this place

J - well... sometimes u read about pork burgers at the same time right? now it's char siew time!

christine - you probably won't get too many char siew for RM10.. but let's be healthy ok? After all, you are in the health line :P