Thursday, January 7, 2010

Man Fook Lau @ Taman Jerantut, Jerantut Pahang

A break from KL food... the next 3 posts will be on Pahang food! Most of you should already know that I live in Pahang... but my blogs on KL food are more compared to those in Pahang. Truth is... I normally eat out in KL compared to Pahang... coz eating home cooked food is definitely healthier and less damage to the pocket :)

Jerantut.. this name never really rings a bell except for those who had gone to Taman Negara before, as this sleepy town is a gateway to the oldest national park in the world. I don't really blame you for not knowing where Jerantut is.. I even have friends who don't even know that Jerantut is actually a province in Pahang state. This town is located about 45 minutes drive from Kuala Lipis. A little history lesson, I was born in Kuantan and not in Kuala Lipis as many of you would think. My dad's factory used to be located in Kuantan from 1977 (I was not even born yet!) until 1985 when they moved to Kuala Lipis. My dad only relocated us to Kuala Lipis in 1986. I still go back to Kuantan once in a while (although not as often as I would go KL)... to visit my relatives who live there. And during Chinese New Year, my family will definitely go back Kuantan to celebrate.

I was driving back to Kuantan one day when I passed Jerantut. Feeling hungry, I called my friend who then directed me to this particular restaurant.

This restaurant still retain its original setup.. typical old Chinese style with round tables covered with red table cloth and those ubiquitous banquet chairs.

Messy counter... in small town like this, you don't really need elegant interior as it might scare potential customer away.

Kwai fei chicken is a must order if you come to this restaurant, claimed my friend. Initially I thought that this was a chicken dish but it came as a surprise. Chicken skin & meat on top and fish meat & sesame at the bottom with a piece of ham sandwiched in between... it was deep fried before served with chilly sauce for dipping purpose. Jenn & I were delighted to taste such a delightful dish, as the skin was crispy while both chicken and fish meat retained the moist.

Buttermilk pork ribs - another thumb up for this dish! Being a fan of nai yau (or buttermilk in English), the delicious gravy enveloped the ribs making each and every bite a bliss. Not too spicy despite using cili padi and curry leaves to prepare this dish. The meat was fork tender too!

Stir fried veggie with garlic - fresh but I found that there were too many stems compared to the leaves.

Leo's verdict - This place is not that hard to find despite being hidden from the main road. The restaurant has 2 sections, open air section where economy rice is served for working people while indoor section for functions such as wedding. Total bill came at RM37 which is considered cheap for the dishes that I ordered. I know where to dine when I go back to Kuantan again in the future!


Sean said...

i think i recall seeing that kind of chicken & fish paste combo back in malacca too! maybe it's one of those beloved traditional dishes that originated in small towns. good thing u didn't have to order it in advance, right ... looks like it might be time-consuming to prepare...

Paranoid Android said...

Been to Jerantut once, but did not know where to dine. The price is ridiculously low. Thanks for the tip.

J2Kfm said...

This is the type of place that reminds one of the past. Those evergreen diners which has seen better days, much like Bidor's Tien Tien Lai.

Bangsar-bAbE said...

I've never been to Jerantut, but my dad goes there twice a month. He checks on his estate there.

The food looks good...maybe I'll drive there for lunch and come back to KL afterthat. =P

thule a.k.a leo said...

sean - there's one restaurant in banting that serves the same dish but many ppl complained after going there.. apparently it has been featured in Axian's program before.

paranoid android - hope u find your way there

j2kfm - yeah... hopefully it's still there for years to come

bangsar babe - follow your dad to jerantut ok? I think he will know where the place is

Precious Pea said...

Only RM37??? Goodness...I once had that chicken dish in KL and definitely cost me more than RM37 for that plate alone! Ooo..i am a Pahang girl too!

thenomadGourmand said...

"Chicken skin & meat on top and fish meat & sesame at the bottom with a piece of ham sandwiched in between"

Somethin different to eat!! yeah! (yes, as u can see i'm very bored) ;p

foodbin said...

like the chicken with fishpaste and ham-quite tedious to prepare-food are reasonably priced.

CUMI & CIKI said...

Chicken skin & meat on top and fish meat & sesame at the bottom with a piece of ham sandwiched in between .. ingenious! i want! eh.. why never invite road trip hehe

Chaokar said...

Ah the messy counter.
Very much like how small town restaurants would have it.