Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Wok @ Jalan PJU 5/21, The Strand Damansara PJ

Actually we stumbled upon this restaurant by chance. We were looking for a new place to have dinner, and we haven't explored The Strand before. I just drove around the area and noticed this place, situated along a rather quiet and dark street. Most of the shoplots were still empty at that moment. There were a lot of cars parked outside and that prompted us to give it a try.

The whole place has a very Oriental approach in its exterior and interior design. For example, you'd notice this unique partition that looks like from ancient Chinese era from the outside.

And as you walked inside, you'd notice similar design for its interior, giving you the feeling of back to the future.

Apart from food, they also sell some antiques which are placed at one corner of the restaurant.

Teapots can fetch as high as RM500!!!

Stir fried eggs with prawns - I always like eggs prepared this way. The prawns were huge too!

Stir fried roasted pork with dark soy sauce - the meats were sinful but the gravy was good. But I think that it was quite salty...

Deep fried red snapper with special sauce - I ordered a RM13 fish initially... but then they served this snapper without our consent and told us that the other fish was out of stock. In the end, I was charged about RM50++ for this fish... quite disappointed and felt like being robbed in the daylight... sigh!!!

Herbal tea which was ready made powder mixed with hot water... very artificial and I didn't quite like it.

They gave me free dessert - red bean paste... but I'm not buying.

Leo's verdict - in the end, we felt cheated as they didn't inform us about the availability of the fish that we ordered. A simple dinner that I thought should be less than RM50 turned out to be RM90++... the food is quite OK but the ethics are not there... I don't know if I will ever go back the second time again!


thenomadGourmand said...

hhmmm.. reviews of this plc gettin frm bad to worse..they hav a branch in Pg..the Pg floggers were jz there for review last week.

CUMI & CIKI said...

back to the future! nice!

thule a.k.a leo said...

thenomadgourmand - I went there a few months ago :( too bad!!! kena rompak sudah... sigh!

cumi & ciki - interior is maybe nice, but after reading other's reviews... I can confirm that this place is not recommended... up to you now!

PureGlutton said...

That's really bad & unethical - about the fish incident. I would be pissed too. Thanks for the warning!

J2Kfm said...

oh really? they could've asked if you wanted to change the fish.

how unethical. thanks for the warning. sounds familiar this place ....

Hot Wok Penang said...

I would like to say sorry on behalf of The Wok Cafe.

You are right to be not happy with the ethics & services provided to you.

Please call 012-2365460 Mervyn to make it up to you,


ultbbwadmr said...

met with really really bad service, and waited ages for the waitress to come take the order.

the owner of the restaurant is one heck of arrogant fellow. wouldn't even want to help out the staff, as they were lack of it
he just sat there, and barked orders

and they couldn't just notify the customers earlier when one of the dish is not available anymore, until i needed to wave my hands to death, asking for the waitresses to come over and asked about where is the dish that i ordered, as i have already finished my rice!

and talking about rice, they serived the dishes before the rice, and left them cold on the table, before i had to shout my lungs off to ask for rice.

the worst thing is, instead of impressing my in laws with a new place i found on the net about how good is the food, turned out to be a farce.

i had but no choice to tell the waitress when the bill came, that she should quit her job, because her boss is an arrogant, selfish man, and wouldn't care less about his staff, let alone offering decent service
to his customers
i told her not to waste her life there..

this is the first time and the last time tat arrogant fellow of a boss, who don't know nothing about running a business where he fails to realize that customers are gold, is ever gonna get one cent of my hard-earned money ever again

one of the worst dining experience of my life.
i was fuming when i left the place

Mervyn Yeoh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mervyn Yeoh said...

thule a.k.a leo:

If you know that if i served you poison will you drink? I think you will not.I see your a very highly educated person but so stupid.If you ask anybody Rm13 for a Red Snapper? You can always say NO or cancel the fish before you eat so who's the FOOL? Stop being a PUSSY fuss in BLOG.If you not happy you tell me in person.I will be happy to served you.If you don't have money to eat at my shop just tell me I can always treat you a meal and treat it as a donation to the poor like you.Even you are rich and make a fuss in my restaurant I will surely chase you out.I only serve happy and enjoy food customers.

ultbbwadmr: How I wish your dad,mum or any family members of yours got hit with heart attack or stroke? Then you will feel the PAIN.What you have say about my dad today on the BLOG i wish you face What goes around comes around.For example our TOP COP Koh Hun Sun.He has send people to death row,jail and etc.What he received to as in return the live of his son.Think twice before you say about people.About service when your whole shop is full what do you expect? Trying a restaurant on your own then you will know.By the way I'm the BOSS not my dad.If you not happy face me in person and tell me.You are also another PUSSY coward to face a person.Looking forward to see your parents and in laws getting stroke then see how they barked at you.

Last but not least.Please don't come both of you and your not welcome.Your money is not worth a single cent cause 1 cent is no more useful and your not even at that price.Even my dog have a price.

DreAmy_Cr|stabe| said...

OMG this is so goddamn unethical of the restaurant owner! and to leave you a comment like that? I'm sure that he wants his business to close down. don't worry brother...i work in the communication and media line... friends everywhere... i will help u to spread the word... wait a minute... i think i know a very mean food journalist... good. MERVYN is the pussy. he was unethical and he said that you are stupid? is that what a business person should do?? im print screen-ing this at this very moment for my friends to see...:) this is really a god forsaken place!!!!!

Ian Yee said...

@Mervyn: To talk about the death of someone who you probably don't know is one matter but to mock it is an entirely different matter.

A distinguished member of society who upholds the law deserves more dignity over the loss of his son and YOU Mervyn have crossed the fine line. Only PUSSIES such as yourself would stoop so low.

I personally knew his son and for that you have incurred the wrath of all who knew him. Besides being a shitty restaurateur you also have a stinking attitude. You can't handle critique positively and you can't run a business ethically.

Personally I hope you rot in hell for the harsh words you have commented. And please do try to improve your standard of English as it made it very painful for my eyes to read your comment.

kenninaz said...

Oh my goodness... I am not even a fan of food blogging sites. A friend of mine directed me here and lo and behold, i find myself the world's BIGGEST and DUMBEST ASSHOLE. Mervyn u are just unbelievable. how could you make that comment about the top cop and his son's tragic death? What kind of a person are you? All this over a comment about your puny restaurant? Even if the customer overstepped his boundary and insulted you, how could you insult Mr. Top Cop who has no links whatsoever to you? You are just despicable. Which is what your restaurant will be once this idiotic act of yours spreads on social sites. Eat shit, Merv! Boo yah!

Nick said...

More like the commenters on this blog who think the guy masquerading as Mervyn Yeoh is the real person need to wise up and get an internet clue right? :) Learn not to get trolled.