Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice @ Jalan Gasing, PJ

It was Jenn who first brought me here to taste this delectable chicken rice dish. Her office was nearby and so when I asked her out for lunch, she quickly suggested this place... stating that the chicken rice was good; the chicken meat was succulent and the taugeh was plump, juicy and less root (disclaimer: I don't take taugeh, only my wife); the place was less stuffy and service was definitely fast. This restaurant should not be too difficult to find, as it's located the usual busy Jalan Gasing. Coming from KL, take the Jalan University junction and turn left at the traffic light. You should be able to notice this 3 shoplot-in-1 on your right hand side.

They adopted semi-opened kitchen concept to let the customers see how they prepare orders.. most workers are foreigners but well-trained enough to be agile and fast.

Depending on the time, it can be quite hard to find a table but it shouldn't be too long before one is available, as most people seemed to be in a rush... sit down, place order, eat, pay and go!!! Probably it's the pace of life among KL-ites. Time is gold!

Most of the times, there are 2 dishes that we ordered -

1) Lala - this is one of the must-order dish, as it was fresh and the gravy was superb

2) Chicken - You can opt for roasted or steamed chicken.

Soup is complimentary but try not to drink too much... slightly high amount of MSG is detected!

Leo's verdict - like Joe (lots of cravings fame) said, comfort food for the simple soul... but parking can be a headache during lunch time, I think it's easier to find one during weekends. Service is quite fast as your orders are taken using PDAs directly to the kitchen.


CUMI & CIKI said...

just up the road fm our plc la.. we tapau here for the inlaws.. a lot.. hehe:D

Gary Low said...

nice but expensive compared to others...good service with high tech order and payment systems..worth served faster...the next door chicken rice also not bad....the rice and chicken taste delicious...just few shops further only...corner one...

jennie hiew said...

Everyone has been giving so many good comments on nice, delicious, cheap and good service. But the everything now has changed, service is bad, food is not that delicious anymore and sour soya bean? On 7 Dec 2010, we, a group of 4 went to have our dinner at 10+ pm for dinner. Place was dirty, menu was dirty and ruin, tables and chairs are dirty and spoil. We ordered taugeh, mushroom chicken feet, white chicken, roasted chicken and fried roasted pork, 3 glass of soya bean from the dispenser. We tasted sour soya bean...but end up diarrhea and vomiting at home..pls do not end up like us.