Monday, June 29, 2009

Chicken Hotpot @ Restoran Chongqing, Kuchai Lama

I seldom go to Kuchai Lama unless there is something for me to do in this area, as it's quite far from PJ. Those who are observant will notice that I blog a lot on PJ instead of KL. This time, Jenn wanted to buy something from & we decided to have lunch here.

To our surprise, the place was empty when we arrived there... it used to be packed with people when we first went there last year. You can even see the worker who's sitting & talking on her phone outside. For a while, we doubted if we should proceed with our plan but in the end, Jenn's craving for the famous hot pot that she has not tried for long time had the better of us.

Jenn quickly placed her order for the fish head hot pot instead of the pork or chicken variety, as she LOVES fish head. What we love about the dish is that you can ask them to adjust the spicy-ness level to suit your taste bud. The deep fried fish head came in a big claypot together with cucumber, carrots and coriander. Don't forget to ask for a bowl of rice, as its gravy is great to go with the rice.

When you have finished the fish head, you can request the waiter/waitress to add in soup (F.O.C) and wah lah... it turned into steamboat. I had their pork ball and golden needle mushroom as extras.

You can choose variety of steamboat dishes from the fridge and the price started from RM1.

Leo's verdict - for those who loves hot and spicy stuff, you would definitely love this place. But be prepared to sweat a lot, as I was drenched by the time I finished everything in the pot.


thenomadGourmand said...

me hardly go kuchai lama too..and bee nwanting to try Soon lei or win soon tht AWOL blogged abt..

thule a.k.a leo said...

me too!!! But that place is not air-conditioned so off limit for me for the moment! I came to this place before Jenn gave birth :)

PureGlutton said...

Unique dish eh! Can add soup and other stuff after the fish-head is eaten - wahlau!