Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Umai-ya @ Uptown 37, Damansara Utama PJ

It has been a while since I hang out with my 2 best friends (since secondary years) and have a good time. All of us already started our own family so we don't get to meet up like this everyday except for special occasion or holidays. Matt suggested something other than Chinese food... so we decided to eat Japanese food instead.

All of us met up at my house in BU before heading there. Parking is not that hard to find during holiday seasons. Located in Uptown 37 (developed by See Hoy Chan Group) which also houses HSBC & Starbuck, it should be relatively easy to find.

A big wooden door at the entrance...

This is one of the places where they prepare the dishes for you.

We were shown into a private room by the waitress.. yay!! We can crack lousy jokes and make fun of each other without having to worry about other people staring at us like crazy people.

Look... they even have Chinese New Year addition in their menu!

Kani Unatama Maki @ RM14 (4 pcs) - soft shell crab, tamago and eel wrap with seaweed

Taco Pelt @ RM20 (6 pcs) - fried seaweed roll with soft shell crab and fresh salmon

Dragon maki @ RM24 (6 pcs) - salmon, ebi tempura roll with eel and avocado on top.

Unagi okonomiyaki @ RM18 - Japanese pizza with unagi anf kirimochi

Koebi karaage @ RM9 - deep fried shrimps with salt. Drip with lemon and good to go... quite crispy. However, please chew carefully, as it's shell might pierce into your lips.

Kabocha sapporo ankake @ RM18 - pumpkin with mushroom and chicken thickness sauce

Leo's verdict - I forgot that both my friends are not into raw meat... therefore, most (or should I say all?) of the stuff ordered were cooked. I'd been deprived of sashimi again :( apart from that, everything was great and most importantly, we got to sit down together and chat our night away. When you have families, opportunities like these are rare. That is why I really enjoyed the night.


qwazymonkey said...

That place's just directly across from my office. We eat there very often too. Always having Bento sets. there's actually another japanese place right behind Maybank called Hokano. Go try...

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i had my fair share of sashimi during the jap food buffet birthday lunch i had...enuf to last me a long long while!

thule a.k.a leo said...

qwazymonkey - yeah I heard of Hokano. But no time to go there yet...

Joe - don't show off dude