Saturday, April 11, 2009

Kopi Oh! @ Cineleisure Damansara

Jenn & I were here very early one Sunday morning to catch a morning movie. After buying our tickets, we proceed to this place for breakfast, as there was still an hour to go before the movie started. This place is one of the earliest business to be setup in Cineleisure, and it withstand the test of time! Most of the time, Jenn & I would come here whenever we watched morning movie in Cathay Cineplex.

Unlike other kopitiams where you placed your order to the waiter or the order chit, you have to order the food and drinks from the counter... pay for them and wait to be served.

They had pasted some pictures of their food and drinks on the wall.

What I really like about this place is their tea... not too sweet and tasted decent. I don't really need my cup of tea to be great or out-of-this-world, as long as it satisfied my craving. Priced at only RM2.40 for hot tea.

Half boiled eggs @ RM1.80 - it sure looked nice this time. The quality of their eggs are inconsistent. I like my eggs to be perfect. However, sometimes the egg yolk came unscatched, sometimes the white was still raw.

Toasted bread @ RM1.80 - They toasted the bread using charcoal instead of gas, and I loved it. I could taste the aroma of charcoal once I bit the bread.

Kopi Oh Special Sandwich @ RM3.90 - one of their signature dishes. Using chicken floss, dried bbq chicken meat, cucumber and chilly sauce... sandwiched between 2 pieces of toasted bun, this is definitely an unique offer and something different from other kopitiam. It is good enough to fill my stomach in the morning too!!!

Leo's verdict - All I can say that not all their food and drinks are great! But the person-in-charge (I wonder is he's one of the bosses) would be glad to take any feedback regarding the food & drinks that you commented. Once I complained that the half boiled eggs were still raw and my tea was quite bitter... he changed them right away without asking. At least he's trying to please the customers.


Tuckio said...

u went to Kopi Oh on the 11th April rite? but why i went to Kopi Oh on the 13th April, it was closed, like it was closed down, like bankrupt already. then today, 19th April, i go there again. Still the same condition as on 13th April. do u know what had happened to Kopi Oh? really bankrupt?

My Angel said...

Hellow frens, Kopi Oh! has moved to PJ State. The environment there is much nicer and cooler. I always go there for kopi, its just beside Saito College. Cheerrsss!!!

Melvyn said...

Yes, Kopi-Oh at Cineleisure has closed down last year April 2009. The one in PJ State is actually their second outlet opened on 2nd of February 2008 (Monday). First outlet in e@Curve has bankrupt because they did not pay for the rental more than a year, usually after 6 months they will lock everything and not allow you to take your company property until you can pay off all the debts. The company name is Rumpun Selera (M) Sdn Bhd. Owner name is Ng Tow Choon (012-2211333), his younger brother name Ng Taw Heng (012-3070333). They are very bad bosses, like to cheat people's money. Guess his is their karma! PM me if you want to hear the full story!

Nutri said...

Hi Melvyn,

Why u so angry about this two brother. R U cheated by them ? Just tell me a story about them.

Allen said...

Hey Melvyn,

May I ask why you say they cheat people's money? I went to PJ State Kopi Oh and saw both of them there. They seem like good guys. I was told by my friend ( who supplies bread to the shop ) that they didn't like the poor management and refused to pay the rental for 6 months, that's why they moved to PJ State.

Anonymous said...

"Poor management and refused to pay rental"???
Do u guys really believe such excuse?
Of cause they have to tell ppl in a nice way so that they won't scare away all their food suppliers!
Imagine the owner announced bankrupcy to the public, ppl will not continue the business with them.
The Kopi-Oh in e@Curve already closed down almost 2 years, shop kena clamped, furniture all still inside, alamak!!!
And currently Kopi-Oh in PJ State also not doing well, PappaRich as competitor right opposite them, both price almost same, of cause a smart person would choose PappaRich with nicer environment and better food quality.
No offence, just voice out my opinion on their food and services.