Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pasta Zanmai @ 1Utama Shopping Centre (Old Wing)

Last minute shopping before the holiday began, and Jenn was feeling hungry after walking for a while. Pregnant woman... always hungry!

We'd come to know about this place for a while now but never step our feet inside. Anyway the outlet is design in such a way that the front half is allocated to sell Japanese products while the other back half is where the restaurant is.

You can observe the chef whipping out the dishes through the transparent glass.

Rather big menu with separate dessert + beverages menu.

The interior looks nice and cosy... with 2 big lamps in the middle of a few round shaped table + sofa.

Jenn is a ig fan of avocado and so when she saw a dish with this ingredient - Kani to Avocado no Gomadare Shitate, or crabmeat & avocado pasta with sesame sauce @ RM26 - she quickly ordered it. The set comes with small salad and miso soup. It will be less RM3 if you opt for pasta only. This dish came in quite a big bowl and boy, the crab meat (not crab stick) looked fresh and big chunk too. The sesame sauce made the difference to the pasta.. its aroma blended with the freshness of crab meat and avocado, made me couldn't stop slurping the spaghetti. The salad is equally nice, veggie was fresh and actual crab meat slices were used with sesame dressing. Guess I'm a sucker for sesame oil and its stuff... lol!!!

Leo's verdict - So far, I was impressed by the quality of the food. Too bad that I was not hungry at that time, and so I didn't get to try their other dishes. I'll make sure that I come back soon...

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