Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Journey to Ipoh Day 1 - Bagan Pasir, Teluk Intan & Kampar (Part 2)

I think both of us spent at least 2 hours++ at Bagan Pasir. Continuing our journey after our rather heavy but satisfying lunch, we headed up North using the coastal road towards Sekinchan where I looked for my customer to see if I managed to secure any order or not. A fruitful meeting I'd say as I managed to pry some interesting information from him.. lol!

Initially my plan was to have dinner at Men Lok Seafood in Hutan Melintang, about 20min drive from Teluk Intan. Since it was not really time for dinner, both of us headed to Teluk Intan or affectionally called "Anson" by many people just to walk around. It was at the junction turning into Sitiawan/Lumut that my car was involved in an accident. It totally ruined my otherwise pleasant day :( there goes my car's accident-free record. However, the damage wasn't really that bad as my diffuser was slightly damaged and bumper scratched a little bit. The poor female driver of the Satria, her car was badly damaged and needed to be towed to the police station. I could still continue driving after making police report :)

By the time I finished lodging report, I drove straight to Teluk Intan's town and stopped by its famous landmark, our very own version of Leaning Tower! We spent some time snapping pictures before heading to one of the famous confectionery shop in Teluk Intan.

My customer had brought me here once and I relied on my memory to get here! To those who do not have good sense of direction, please bring along GPS unit and key in the GPS coordinate provided at the end of this post ok? Clockwise from top - famous Tiger Head brand Tau sar paeng, the outlet from the entrance, some of their specialty treats, and The famous Tiger Head brand proudly displayed in their signage.

We bought quite quite a lot of biscuits and pastries from them - for consumption and as souvenirs.

To cut the story short, Men Lok surprisingly did not open its door for business that day and we ended up in Kampar early. This was where both of us spent the night at our friend, Andy's, house. I told him to bring me to a place that serve claypot rice in Kampar town - the one that was featured in Axian's TV show. Located in the old section of the town, it did not have a big signage and only one "Chan Siew Heng" at the entrance.

Sure enough, the place looked exactly the same from what I saw in the show. The place where they prepared claypot rice was located right in front of the shop. According to Andy, they have been in the business in the same location since 1960s.

When the worker saw that I was snapping pictures, she showed me the marinated chicken meat that was ready to be cooked later. FYI - The chicken meat was marinated with sesame oil, oyster sauce and soy sauce.

Inside of the shop was old and rather stuffy due to the heat generated from the process of cooking the claypot dishes.

The rice that was used to cook the claypot dish.

The regular claypot chicken rice that usually found in Klang Valley (those with the chicken thrown in to cook together with dark soy sauce) was normal. Frankly, I had better ones elsewhere. Even though the rice carried a pleasant charred aroma and flavour, I think that the sauce that was mixed into the rice was not good enough!

However, their steamed version of claypot chicken rice was truly different. The chicken meat and waxed sausage slices were separated from the rice with a small plate and steamed. Ingredients such as salted fish and calamansi were supplied separately in another plate. I think that it tasted better to eat this way.

We also had steamed vegetable and steamed chicken feet with mushroom.

Overall our dinner was good but if the regular claypot chicken rice tasted slightly better, my day would end in a perfect note! Oh well! At least one dish managed to stir up my taste bud that night. After the dinner, we went back to Andy's house and chatted until midnight before calling it a day!

Sin Joo Heong Confectionery
830D, Jln Mak Intan,
36000, Teluk Intan, Perak
GPS Coordinates: N 4 1.79579 E 101 1.39679

Chan Siew Heng
47, Jalan Idris
31900 Kampar
Tel: 05-4663200
GPS Coordinates: N 4 18.65784 E 101 9.14747

1) I'm not paid to promote/endorse any particular event, restaurant or person in this blog. ALL are based on my unbiased personal opinion.
2) My reviews are based on my personal taste and preference and therefore may vary for others.


J said...

Wow. So nice of them to show you all that when they saw your camera - really shows that they are proud of their food and happy to share.
(Not like some restaurants I heard of where they scold ppl when they take photos)

eiling lim said...

wah nice! I don't even have a picture with the leaning tower of teluk intan yet! oMG look at all the good food... so jealous!

Sean said...

there's a leaning tower of teluk intan?! gosh, i've never heard of it. i guess i wasn't paying attention during my history classes :D
that claypot chicken rice looks like it needs an egg or two to be thrown on top =)

Life for Beginners said...

Man, what an adventure you had! Glad the accident wasn't too bad and you guys were able to continue on your journey!

Pity the regular claypot chicken rice was so-so but the steamed version sounds stellar! (And very impressive indeed is their three whole rows of claypots/stoves ready for firing and cooking up more yumminess!)

A most excellent food/roadtrip! :)

UnkaLeong said...

Thankfully the damage was not serious and both of you are unhurt :) I have not been to Anson in years!

iamthewitch said...

This is indeed an old claypot chicken rice shop in Kampar but not the best!! Coming from Kampar, I have never tried this shop ever because of the not-so-good reputation among the locals. Next time I must bring you to what I call the best claypot chicken rice in Kampar ok! Just a few blocks down the road (north direction) :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, do you have the GPS coordinates for Men Lok seafood?