Tuesday, November 30, 2010

East Coast Trip Part 1 - Kuantan @ Alor Akar Seafood

Jenn and I had gone for a short vacation to the East Coast recently. The reason behind the trip was that she would not be able to travel once she gives birth to our second child in late Dec 10 or early Jan 10. And she wanted to bring Sher Ryn to the beaches rather than showing her pictures of beaches in the children books that we bought for her... you know? Experience the real thing :) she is definitely easier to take care of compared to when she was smaller. Her dad and mom tagged along during this 4D3N trip. It has been more than 10++ years that both of them have not gone to Kuantan. So Jenn & I planned everything for them - all they have to do was to pack their bags.

By the time we exited Gambang toll on our first day, it was already late in the afternoon and therefore we called it a day. We headed for dinner at Restoran Alor Akar Seafood which is located near my house in Air Putih area. My previous blog on this place can be found here. As usual, this place was hot & stuffy even though we got a table which was directly below a fan. Words of advice - wear light and choose a table next to the alley or facing the road. One of the famous restaurants in Kuantan, make sure that you come early during weekends or pre-book a table.

Now.. this is something to cool down the body from the heat :P

The green was the first dish to arrive - feeling hungry, we almost finished the whole plate before the rice was served!

Next was one of their signature dishes - Ginkgo Pork Knuckle (half portion). The presence of ginkgo made this sinful dish looked healthy!! Marinated with soy sauce before it was deep fried (this explained the dark-ish skin) & later braised with mushroom, ginkgo, fu chuk (beancurd skin) and their own sauce... this dish was truly exceptional! Fork tender & juicy meat with melt-in-the-mouth texture.

Steamed bak sou gong (catfish) - a different twist by using chicken stock & ginger to steam this fish instead of normal soy sauce. Topped with coriander, the fresh and succulent catfish won Jenn's parents over.

Oyster omelette - forget this! It tasted like normal fried egg without many oysters inside.

Salted egg crab - This dish was done so good that all of us licked the salted egg (infused with curry leaves) off the shell before devouring the crab meat. However, the shell was crushed too much to the extent that the tiny bits of shell was not visible to the naked eyes. I accidentally bit on one pieces too :( having said that, this is a dish to be enjoyed!

Leo's verdict - Total bill came at less than RM100! I realised that my parents ordered same dishes everytime we came here for dinner. There are still a lot of dishes that I have yet to try. Given the fact that they have been in the business even when my parents were still young, this restaurant stood against the test of time and still going strong! I just hope that they will solve the hot and stuffy condition of the place. Below is their contact details:

Alor Akar Seafood Restaurant
Lot 7695 & 7696,
Jln Kubang Buaya Off Jalan Beserah,
25300 Kuantan,
Tel: 09-568 0720/016-952 7811

Open from 5pm-12 midnight (Mon-Sun)


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2) My reviews are based on my personal taste and preference and therefore may vary for others.


Sean said...

Gingko pork knuckle! I haven't heard of that recipe before... Though I've forgotten what the health benefit of gingko is... :D

thenomadGourmand said...

Tht gingko pork knuckle got me too!
Hey, hw does tis trip sounds like.. is it all within d vicinity?
Bentong ice cream, Bkt Tinggi Colmar - accomodation + Restaurant Alor Akar..?

Paranoid Android said...

Yums. I remembered at one time it was located opposite a private hospital many many years ago...

J said...

Mmmm. The gingko pork knuckle sounds awesome - healthy yet unhealthy. lol..

thule a.k.a leo said...

Sean - well, one gotta be creative to survive I guess

becky - Bentong is far fr Kuantan... Colmar Tropicale is in Bentong... wait for my Part 2 ok??

PA - I have no memory whatsoever on this place.. until my parents brought me back here again.

J - LOL! Kinda balanced out the unhealthy-ness huh???

Quay Po Cooks said...

Got to try to figure out how to make ginkgo pork knuckle now and got to plan a trip to go check this place out. You sold me!

foodbin said...

so many ginkgo with the pork knuckle-so affordable.

jason said...

I think the pork knuckle is really good.

PerutBesi said...

Aiseh...I miss the food there la...basically, I miss Kuantan!! Haha...Alor Akar Seafood has so far been consistently good, eh? The total price paid for the good food here is SO worth it! :D